How does bukkit save the world data?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Enraged, Aug 15, 2011.

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    Hi there
    i have a little big problem. First the situation:
    Sometimes my server gets an error (Read Timed Out or Connection reset) and then it is not reachable. So to get it working again i have to kill the server process and restart it. The problem ist that i can not execute the save-all command before so sometime there are many buildings lost. I wanted to know how bukkit saves the world data because i think it only writes the data to the world files when executing save-all? Is there a way to save the world-data in this case when the server hangs?
  2. I have had once too, but it shouldn't be recurring, that's rather strange...
    Also I have NEVER used the save-all command and when I closed it it saved everything by itself. (using /stop)
    But when it crashes (mostly my whole pc crashes so it also crashes bukkit when its on(yes this is recurring with my pc)), it usuallly resets te spawnpoint to some the middle of a chunk at block level 1, to fix this use MCEdit.
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    I was wondering about this as well. It seems to save very infrequently.

    I had a crash a couple of days ago (Thanks BananaMapRender -.-), that meant I had to kill the server. Even people who had already logged off 30 minutes before lost parts of their build, typical 16x16 chunk sized pieced would be missing or at a much earlier state. Given that this player's base wasn't near (more than 2000 blocks) anyone else, I would have guessed the server would have saved and unloaded the chunks.

    Can anyone with more knowledge explain when and how the server actually saves the chunks? It doesn't seem to be often enough.
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    Sorry about that again - that memory leak is now well and truly fixed in BMR 1.6
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    You can schedule a full save which will write all chunks to the disk at a certain interval. I have had my test server crash on me once, used all the CPU and started spouting "java heap space" errors at the console. If you issue the stop command and just leave it, it does seem to eventually shutdown normally saving the chunks properly.

    On my public server I combine the full save with a map back every 6 hours, you can still lose a lot of work in the time though.
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    Meh, I'm a programmer myself. These things happen. I was just interested if anyone knows how the chunk saving works? Mainly because I was surprised that even people who had already logged off well before the event, still lost parts of their work.
    I would have assumed that 30 minutes was plenty of time for the server to save the chunks, especially because this player was very far (4000+) away from everyone else, so there was no reason to keep the chunks loaded.

    I do have a full backup every 12 hours onto a different server.
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