How do you make a boat go fast on land?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by FoxinatorDev, Sep 4, 2017.

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    I'm pretty much a noob at bukkit coding. If anyone knows how to make a boat go faster on land or how to make a WASD detector, please tell me.
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    I've been playing around and then I learnt that you can just cast the Player's vehicle to a boat (of course, after checking if the vehicle is in fact a boat) and set boat.workOnLand(true); and then it works just like it does in the water. Obviously, if you're trying to get it to work as a car, it may not be ideal and may require some fiddling.

    When I was playing around, I just found it convenient to put it in VehicleEnterEvent because then it applies for all boats.

    Here's my implementation:

        public void onPlayerEnterVehicle(VehicleEnterEvent event){
                Boat boat = (Boat) event.getVehicle();
  3. Please note this method is deprecated as of the 1.12 docs due to the complex system of the boat.
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    Maybe setting the vector would be a good idea to go about this? It would only using the direction they're looking however, that's the downfall of it...
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    How would I do that?..
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    Listen for PlayerMoveEvent and check if the player is inside a boat and then simply multiply its velocity. Not sure if that would work :p
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