How do other servers have 1.7.2 craftbukkit?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Kilovex, Nov 2, 2013.

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    I've looked around everywhere and I can't seem to find 1.7.2 craftbukkit, but apparently some other servers do have it. Can someone explain this?
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    Certainly can dude. :p

    The servers you're seeing with craftbukkit 1.7.2 aren't running a version of bukkit that incorporates all the new features added in 1.7.2. All they've done is de-compile a version of 1.6.4 and change a piece of code to let members that updated to 1.7.2 connect to the server. It's known as a "Protocol Hack" if you want to find more information on the forums about it. :p It's actually quite dangerous as it causes a lot of server lag, gives many players connection problems and in extreme cases can corrupt the worlds within the server for absolutely no gain.

    As far as I'm aware, there is no version of craftbukkit out for 1.7.2. I hear the bukkit team are working hard to bring out a build as soon as possible though.

    Hope this helps dude! :)
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    They're using an unofficial build of CraftBukkit that changed the line that checks client version. This breaks things and makes the server significantly more unstable. These versions do not really have the 1.7.2 items and features however, thus are rather pointless, due to the launcher's capability of version changing.
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    But didn't the network protocol change from 1.6.4 to 1.7.2?
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    It was not a simple line of code. It was actually a complete network rewrite. Since the networking has been entirely rewritten since 1.6.4, we're actually talking about changes to thousands of lines of code. And it's much less buggy than you would think.
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    Its buggy, no way to deny that. Tested it on a temp map and the map got corrupted when someone tried to craft something 1.7'ish.. dunno what
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    My posts are not to contribute in a bitter way, they are to get the point across to the people posting, I have seen so many of these threads that ask for 1.7.2 or talk about other unsupported platforms for such version of the game.
    I posted a while ago about 1.7.2 and why there cannot be an estimated time.
    It had 10,000+ views and still, people refuse to do their research and post asking for it even though there are tens of threads locked by moderators with the same answer.
    It's not going to change is it?

    I've seen countless threads on the same thing, they are locked and someone else instead of thinking that it is going to get the same answer, thinks by posting the same thing over and over is going to get 1.7.2 out faster.
    I apologise if my response sounded a little stern as I am only trying to help the Bukkit guys out by informing people of the situation.
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    Menox It's causing clients to crash. That sounds pretty damn buggy.
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    I understand you want to help the community. But I think it would have been much easier to get a good result if you also put down energy to convey information in a more friendly way to those who ask. Now, if you want people who missed your thread will see it as link it instead in a friendly manner.

    I understand you get tired of people posting the same question over and over again but this is after all a community of thousands of people who all have different skill levels and experience.


    That has never happened for me and I haven't got any complaints about it yet.
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    Of course yeah, I totally agree.
    I have been linking it but it was locked for going offtopic and for a few other reasons, I can still like to it but it's not open for discussion.
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    Talking is the best way to break time. It helps to prevent people from posting 'another' thread about 1.7
    I understand that bukkit locks these threads, but I think it is better to let them stay open so everyone knows 1.7.2 is still talked about.

    After all this forum is called bukkit discussions, not 'we will lock this to prevent a discussion'
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    Removed posts linking unofficial builds.
    This was explained multiple times over, Bukkit 1.7 is out when its out.
    Theres nothing to discuss here, as its just "Wheres Bukkit 1.7"
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