How do I use Command Blocks to teleport?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by CayleRose, Jan 9, 2013.

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    I need the command to teleport to a location, including yaw and pitch.

    Also, I need the command to teleport using warps.
    /warp WarpName isnt working in the command block..
  2. Depends, are you using a plugin for teleports and/or warps? If so, which one?
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  4. use the essentials tppos command then.
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    Use the coordinates to teleport someone using a command block.

    tp @p x y z
    replace x, y and z with the coordinates and it should teleport the player that activates it there, if I'm not mistaken.
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    the tppos works, but yaw and pitch for some reason doesn't register.
    also, why cant i simply tell it to /warp Location?

    ok i get tp @p x y z... but what about yaw and pitch? i dont want to teleport just looking at any random place..

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    I don't think you're able to set those with that,
    I suggest looking for a plugin that does just that, something with 'Warp' or 'Teleport' in its name might help.
  8. From the essentials wiki:
    tppos :: Teleports you directly to a location. :: /<command> <x> <y> <z> [yaw] [pitch]
    Info: Provide a set of <x> <y> <z> coordinates to teleport directly to that location. The Y coordinate is your vertical (up/down) location."</z></y></x> If used in console, place the player name before the coordinates.
    You need to use this and not the vanilla command.
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    Okay, so how do i teleport to another world, while also using the xyz/yp?
  10. I don't think that is currently possible.
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    dang it.. well do you know of any button teleport plugins?
    recently, ButtonWarp has been crashing my server from "ticking entity".
  12. if you get that error, you probably need to update the plugin.
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    i updated it, but its still doing it. any suggestion?
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    SOLVED!! Thank you, everyone!

    Using Command Block,
    To teleport to a position, use the command: /tp z y x yaw pitch
    To teleport using warps: /warp [warpname] @p
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