How do I turn WorldEdit off?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Cycloned, May 7, 2012.

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    Like in game, after Im done using it, how do I switch it off? Because no matter what I type, I cannot break any blocks (they reappear after I break them even though I'm in creative and Im an op), and everytime I click again with the axe it starts selecting positions.
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    i dont think its worldedit problem

    can you 1st try without plugins leaving only worldedit there so we can be sure if its worldedit or no
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    Pretty sure the only way to turn off WorldEdit is to remove it from your server after stopping it, could be wrong though (no attacking me just because you think I'm wrong)
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    It's Towny... If you have it

    Can I have a plugin list?
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    Pretty sure the only way to turn off WorldEdit

    you mean

    i'm not sure but maybe the only way to turn it off is to remove WorldEdit

    well if it is worldedit problem than simple

    - worldguard.*

    permission would fix the problem but world edit by default dont protect whole world

    and i see you dont understand me at all im not here to attack you or insult you
    you just wont learn things but guessing them if you are pretty sure than try it your self

    seams you just dont see a difference between "i think maybe it is it" and "i know it is it"

    and here ppl who come for help they do it cause they dont know something or dont understand and you dont know many things as i see it but for sure you know some i dont know like that 1 with seed appears when server starts

    so dont say your sure if your not cause now Cycloned will think disabling worldedit will solve problem which would not cause it is more like worldguard problem but still i think other plugin is blocking him from building

    worldedit is just plugin to edit and modify regions not to protect it you didnt know that either ?
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    I quite clearly put at the end "could be wrong though" to indicate that I wasn't sure but was confident it was the answer. You keep acting like you are a staff member here and your the god of Bukkit and that you know every little part of this software, stop it as it's really rude because I'm not perfect. Your attitude towards newbie users is terrible, I'd have left right this second if I didn't know any better.

    Actually I do, stop treating me like a 5 year old, it's condescending.

    Maybe you should concentrate on helping users rather than constantly attacking me because you don't like the way I write my posts. You have no right to tell me how I should respond in a support thread.
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    you see problem is not that i think or im sure that i know how to solver every problem or know everything cause i aware that i know like maybe 5 % of what is out there and i just know basics

    problem is what you are thinking of your self the fact you think im attacking you is prove that you dont understand much cause if i think you are 5 year old kid than do you really think that attacking kid would make me happy ?

    and im pointing your mistakes i ddint read part when you said "could be wrong though" so its my mistake i didnt read it all so my bad ad as you said "I'm not perfect" neither do i as you see

    im like 8 years older from you so what ? i know kids at age 14 that know allot more about bukkit than me
    i dont think they r better from me or i am better from you

    and you see i know what i should but do you know what you should ?

    and that is cool "You have no right to tell me how I should respond in a support thread."

    remind me of the post i meet you where you had right to tell that guy from that strange country how he should respond

    hmmm makes sans

    keep it up
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    I recommend you stop clogging the forums with unnecessary bashing at me: this is a support forum, not a public staging ground for you to go around insulting anyone you wish because you don't like the response they give in a thread. If you have some personal problem with me, take it to the Private Messaging system or desist doing it. Nobody here wants to trundle their way through a thread containing abusive messages (which are in fact against the rules) to find the solution.
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    well you are doing exact same thing you are "clogging the forums with unnecessary bashing at me" < i even dont understand what it mean

    and i know its support forum im trying to support you <3
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    I reported both his posts, this is not the first time he has displayed this kind of behavior, to the original poster, I'll be able to help you better once I get a full plugin list. The wooden axe is the default WorldEdit selection tool, you can change it in the config to something like bedrock so users don't or can't use it.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Quit the bickering. He was just pointing out that your post, while informative on the topic title wouldn't actually help solve the problem because that's not normal worldedit functionality.
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