How do i set myself as admin?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ScottieD, Jan 14, 2011.

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    I created an admin.txt and an admins.txt and neither work, if i add myself to ops.txt that works but the admins dont.. help please?

    Thanks in advance!!
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    As of this writing there is currently no permission system in bukkit. So your only option is ops.txt.
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    So how do i use the teleport and murder plugin? and other admin plugins?
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    Read there documentation. If they have commands it is likely everyone on the server can use them.
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    I have to use the admin console which is a pain since its on a server in the other side of the house...
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    The admin console is the only way for me to do admin stuff, The teleport does not work unless i do that and also the general, murder plugin fail too.
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    since there are not commands in the current build of craftbukkit you are going to have to harass the plugin developers for help on this. Sorry.
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    General is working great for me and gives all the basic functionality hMod had out of the box. I didn't spend much time figuring out permissions, though. Just remove the line in general.settings that says "Admin Name," and replace it with your character name, and any others you want separated by commas. Then, restart server.

    As for running across the house - look up RDP, SSH, or VNC depending on what OS the server runs, it will make your life much easier. :)
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    hi this is sort of relevent but you guys seem like you might know ive been searching how to do this for days and nothing. now im probubly going to sound like an idiot but i need to now how to make different groups of people eg. admins mods ect. and how to get a name tag next to a player whose an admin/mod or what ever please help!
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    ever heard of permissions?get ichat too or other chat modifier plugins that uses prefixes and suffixes from permissions
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