How do I preventing people from stopping the server ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by JackTDawson, Jul 29, 2011.

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    How do I add this to my permissions so it wont STOP the server. People might type /stop and it stops the server. I am trying to prevent that.

    Permissions :
    - '-minecraft.stop'

    None of those commands work in the permissions. If they are not mod or admin,
    they cannot use the /STOP command. But OPs who are good OPs sometimes makes
    mistakes when they type /stop. So I am trying to find a way to prevent it.

    Anyone got any ideas that ACTUALLY work ?

    I pasted this questions here too just I was told this is a Permissions only problem.
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    Haha, They cant stop the server. Unless a OP
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    Right, I know.. OPS and ADMINS can stop the server.. I need to know how to prevent that command from EVERYONE. Because people do tend to make a mistake and type /stop. I want that command gone. So how would I put that into permissions ?
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    Well don't let anyone be OP, if they're not OP they can't stop the server, unless you have a plugin that allows them to.
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    I'm guessing you never tried to run a server. This is not about the group. This is about those who need OP. ( Don't confuse this with moderators ) You have to give certain people OP status because that is the way the game is designed. I NEED a way to shut down /STOP even from Admins from inside the game itself.
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    You can try a plugin called DefaultPermissions. Look it up on You can distribute the commands from vanilla minecraft through permissions in whatever way you would like. (you can even give the /list command to Defaults, if you don't have a plugin for it).

    EDIT: Although, if you need someone to be able to edit at spawn, DefaultPermissions doesn't support that. Then again, if you trust someone enough to allow them to edit spawn, you may as well allow them to use the /stop command and just ask them not to use it. Also, if you set someone as an op, it overrides DefaultPermissions, so I would suggest only Opping yourself (assuming you are the server's owner).
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    Yea, I see that. It looks like a wonderful plugin.. but only works when your NOT OP. hmmm.. And I do need certain people to work at spawn. That's the problem. If I shut off spawn protection though... hmmm I wonder...
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    I run a server with about 10 people, why would you need to allow people to be OP? Besides yourself of course.
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    LOL I guess you haven't been running a server for that long have you. I never OP anyone besides me. You're suppose to use a permissions plugin. That way you can keep track of peoples/groups permissions.
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    I'm guessing you're new to it. Op is only intended for server operators. Use a permissions plugin to manage permissions otherwise.
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    I have my reasons for OP. As for DefaultPermissions, it works great. And I fixed the Spawn guard issues and now things are back to the way its needed. Thanks for the help guys.
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