How Do I Make My Server Public?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Tdawg1797, Aug 5, 2011.

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    I have had many people tell me they could not get on my server and it says online allowed:true

    Someone please help

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    They need to connect using your external IP address (use:
    When they click Multiplayer, they need to type your IP in this format: <IP>:<PORT>

    If they are cracked players, they wont be able to join because online mode: true (apparently.)
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    ho to find the port number
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    Matt Gill

    That's in the file. It is 25565 by default. You need to open that port or another if you choose to use a different one.
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    And don't forget to forward the port in the router (if behind one)
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    And there's also the whitelist.
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    ...Don't forget to add Essentials and some fun plugins.
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    i can't portforward my server why not? i use port 25565. and my ip4 and named it bukkit server, then i reboot the router. what do i wrong ::mad:
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    What does it say on Have you checked your firewall?
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    yes.firewall can cause all kinda of bad.try turrning your firewall off and see if that helps.also some routers do not allow for port forwarding
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    it say's I could not see your service on port (25565)
    Reason: Connection refused

    but how can i turn the firewall of?

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    check out the wiki guide on portforwarding
    if u have any questions feel free to ask me (i covered everything in this guide)
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    I used Port Mapper and it works fine
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    but i have look at it many times and it still not working i have look at youtube
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