How do i make a server without using my own internet connection?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Tocho, May 10, 2012.

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    Title says it all. Please answer i really wanna make one. :(
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    Well... Buy a VPS/VDS?
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    Whats that? :confused:
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    Wiki helps a lot, you know? Click. You can get one at, for example, Hetzner.
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    Not to sound insulting but if you don't want to host a server off your own connection and don't know what a VPS or Dedi is, personally you should not be running a server at all. My 2c.
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    One problem with a dedicated server is that it costs like $100 per month and upwards.
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    electricity isnt cheap now a days bro
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    Get a server from a minecraft server host. There are many good around, but in any case you will have to pay. If you cannot put money in it, forget about it.
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    Well, you're already paying your utility bills such as electricity so, a dedicated server ontop of that is an big additional expense.
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