How do i make a plugin?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Denni199, Jan 20, 2011.

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    I want to make a plugin. But i have no idea where to start. Ive watched this guy Thenewboston on youtube with his Java tutorials. And i cant remember a thing and they didnt help. Ive also read tutorials about Java and they didnt help at all.

    I have tried the god damn bukkit wiki thread that everyone says you should try. WELL GUESS WHAT?
    it doesnt tell me how to make a plugin only how to setup to be ready to make on.
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    Hmmm here is a idea, learn howto program in java then grab the source code from someone elses plugin and learn from it.
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    hmm i kinda agree with PrivateAlpha. Your asking to get help to make a plugin, but your not willing to learn how to program in the language your meant to. Quite simply. You cant make a plugin till u learn java.

    Also.. dont ask how to program in java here... its not a school... plenty of beginner tutorials on the web tho. Google it
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    The newboston is good u just need to not just watch like for ex: Watch 1 part then go into Eclipse and keep doing that 1 part till u feel u have it down and know u remember it then go to the next part Learning java takes couple months to learn lol i still am learning but i have used the tuts and u just need to accualy try them untill u get it! sorry for long message with no periods or anything lol its 1 big sentence lolz
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    Read tutorials, watch tutorial videos, etc. You can't make a plugin without knowing a bit of Java.

    Basic Java only takes a few weeks to learn for most people, just saying.
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    I didnt say Basic i mean if u are learning every part of java! yeah basic only couple weeks but full knowing almost everything try learning that in couple weeks!
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    no, not BASIC, he means the starting parts of Java being the basic Java...
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