How do i know if i have the newest version of bukkit?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by haschtekaschte, Jan 20, 2011.

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    So i just started my server and installed bukkit and some plugins but now some plugins requiresomething like built:83
    So is this the version of bukkit and how do i check wich version i have and how do i update it??
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    Here you can see which build is the newest. To download you select a build then click "Artifact", download it, rename it (if necessary) and then you replace it with your .jar :)
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    According to release nots for bukkit 63, /version is available, craftbukkit 103 onwards should have it (cannot test, at work).
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    It works in build 107. Its tells you the version of the server you're running - 1.2_01. Which is great, I guess. Doesn't tell you anything about CraftBukkit though, which is what we all want.
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    For what it's worth, until there's an actual release, you'll never have the latest stable version, or at least won't be able to tell what version was actually stable, without checking on the forums.
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    I posted this elsewhere: yo know you can just download it and rename the jar to craftbukkit-ver#.jar, don't you? Yes on windows you have to edit batch files because you don't have symlinks, but really editing 3 characters?
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    Is there a way to know which recent Build would be the best (most stable/usable/combatible) to run?
    The last build i tried yesterday wouldnt even start the server...
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    You know you have the newest version, when your plugins stop working... ha
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    Brett: Oh you ;)
    x3no: not really, you have to experiemnt a little and then settle for one and keepit as long as possible.
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    Plague: How, if i only get the newest build from the Download Link? Where can i get older builds?
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    Oh.. well i looked nearly everywhere, but not in Artifacts. ;)

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    But how do you tell what version you have?
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    For the gazillionth time: you have to know which version you downloaded.
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