How do I install SpaceBukkit?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by gamalamin1, Apr 24, 2013.

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    I need a COMPLETE step-by-step guide!
    The part I don't get the most is the web server part.
    My computer runs windows 7 x64
    Java 7.
    I need somebody to write a step-by-step fully explained procedure on how to install SpaceBukkit.
    -I already got the "prepare your bukkit server" part.
    -I DON'T know the "Web server" part of the "Requirements"
    -I don't even know how to make a web server.
    -I DON'T understand the "installing the web panel" part.

    Please guys, don't ignore this question! I just want to make my bukkit server compatible with SpaceBukkit.
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    There is a step-by-step guide, lol.
    I suggest you follow that one.
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    "It's really bad and not that analyzed. No offense."

    Its really good. Its designed for people with understanding of this kind of stuff. AKA, not you.
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    Hello gamalamin1
    Should you encounter difficulties in setting up a webserver (which is understandable, not everybody is able to do that) you can checkout some of the posts here:
    Some great people are offering free spacebukkit hosting :)
    Other than that, it's not difficult to do the whole panel setup with a little patience and !
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    Well....they only provide 1 gigabyte ram. I want to add custom ram. Also, if I make a web server with SpaceBukkit will that make my server 24/7?
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