Solved How do I get WorldEdit CUI for my MC Bukkit server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by PapiDimmi, Feb 16, 2013.

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    I tried to install WorldEdit CUI because I really dang need it!! But it's a MOD not a PLUGIN but I've seen other YouTubers on servers have it! I also tried downloading it and putting the "cui" folder that's in the zip file into my plugins folder BUT DIDN'T WORK D:
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    It's a mod, you need to mod your minecraft.jar, not bukkit.
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    Basically you install it like any other mod. You open up the minecraft.jar and place the files inside of it.
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    Have you even read the install instructions?
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    Ok I'll download it!
    But why does it say "Latest stable version for Forge (v1.4.6) - BROKEN:"?
    Is the Forge version broken? Because I have Forge not Mod Loader!
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    I think the forge version is actually broken.. It says right in the post.. Use modloader
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    The easiest way to get it working is to download the VoxelModPack, and when installing unselect EVERYTHING except the WorldEdit CUI.

    It's fully automated after that.
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    Thanks, I'll try it :)

    Don't work! Can't use my old Minecraft folder and when I tried a new one it lagged like f***!
    I just damn wish that this mod exist as a PLUGIN! :'(

    I tried to install it for my old Minecraft folder that I use but didn't work D:

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    you should ask the mod creators.
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    Did you install this on the server... or on your client?

    This is a CLIENT side mod... and installs to the .minecraft folder. I was unaware you COULD change the location of that...
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    Solved. Thanks ^^
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