how do i get the block a arrow hit?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by TheBreadCat, Aug 14, 2011.

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    is there a event that gets triggerd when a arrow hits a block?


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    *thinks* projectile hit event. but that's for entity. so... I don't think so.
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    It fires whenever it 'dies', which is whenever the arrow reaches its destination. This is one of the more recent changes (introduced in b1000)

    So, you *could* get the block that it lands in by getting the arrow's location, then retrieving the block from there.

    If you wanted to grab the block it 'sticks to', that would be a bit more tricky, as you'd have to use getBlockFace() and a couple of tricky algorithms to decide which face its on.
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    @DrBoweNur : ahh... See I don't keep up with the changes too much. ;)
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    Keep in mind that in 1056 all projectile events have been removed in favor of entity events for arrows.
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    @escape : yes that! I was looking for that.

    And I believe it was... "EntityDamagedByProjectile" that retired. ProjectileHit still exists.
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    yep instead of entityDamageByProjectile its EntityDamageByEntity.
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