How do I get my plugin back to ACTIVE status?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Etsijä, Apr 11, 2014.

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    I've been rather lazy in updating one of my Bukkit plugins, (ImpactTNT in bukkitdev) mainly because it is so dead simple it doesn't need any updating. It simply works, and has outlived many Bukkit versions already. Now, since I've not updated the plugin, like, for ages, Bukkit team has put it to inactive state.

    Simple question: how do I get it back to active? Seems rather obsolete work updating your plugin and reuploading the same version (with only Bukkit version number changed) time and time again just for the sake of keeping the plugin "active".

    There seems to be no information whatsoever regarding this situation here:

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    Go to the projects page
    On the right side is "Project Management"
    Expand that, click "Edit Project"
    Scroll down to the bottom and under "Development stage" change the dorp down from inactive to release
    Then click update
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    Have you tried setting your project status to 'Mature'? I seem to recall reading somewhere that will keep your project active longer than the other status settings.
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    Thanks, Geekxboy!
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    No problem
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