Solved How do I allow a non-op to use the /gamemode command in pex? (bukkit.command.gamemode not working)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by linopa2076, Feb 10, 2014.

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    I'm not an op on my own server because I don't want to have multiverse's mv.bypass.gamemode permission node, so that I am still put in the default gamemode when teleporting into a world. In PermissionsEX I created a group called "Owner" for myself and added ALL the permission nodes except the mv.bypass.gamemode one to the owner group. I can use all the commands, but when I try to do /gamemode creative it says,"Game mode change for linopa failed!" (linopa is my Minecraft username) Is it possible for me to allow non-ops to use /gamemode creative, or will I have to op myself every time I want to run that command? Do I need to have the mv.bypass.gamemode node to be able to use the /gamemode creative command, because I thought that that permission node only applied to when you where first teleported into a world.
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    try this perm. bukkit.command.gamemode
    and If you running essentials, add this one too essentials.gamemode
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    I already tried the bukkit.command.gamemode and it didn't work. Also, I'm not running essentials.
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    But that is exactly the permissions you would need. Paste your permissions to and let us have a look.
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    Are you sure you're not using another Gamemode plugin?
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    I'm pretty sure I don't.

    These are the plugins I have:
    • Hub
    • KingKits
    • Multiverse-Core
    • PermissionsEx
    • Simple Prefixer
    • Shopkeepers
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    I know like non of those plugins, so you can do /? <PluginName> and check what commands the plugin has, tell me if you find gamemode in them!
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    You only gave the group Owner the gamemode permission. Also, you have to be more careful with your permission in general, look at this:
        - bukkit.command.*
        - bukkit.command.gamemode.
        - bukkit.command.gamemode
        - multiverse.acces
    This is just ugly and not good. Three bukkit.command in a row, one of them completely wrong (period at end), and the multiverse permission does not even exist, it is called multiverse.access
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    I cleaned up my permissions.yml so that now I only have the bukkit.command.* instead of those other bukkit.command nodes and I fixed the spelling of multiverse.access, but I'm still having the problem.

    I figured out the problem! In the KingKits config, I had "disable gamemode when using kit" set to true. I wasn't using kit when I was having the trouble with the gamemode command before, but setting this to false fixed the problem! :)
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    use essentials and than u give ur users permission

    - essentials.gamemode

    and so they can change it​
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