How do BIG servers get 1.7.7 or other versions early and still have plugins?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by josh7554, Apr 9, 2014.

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    Hey, I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been wondering this. I own a server of my own and today, since there was the 1.7.7 update that just came out, I look at all the big servers and they're all 1.7.7 compatible with plugins... Just wondering how they do this. Like do they code their own kind of CraftBukkit, or just update it themselves? Well, if you do know, then if you could tell me that would be great!

    Thanks, Josh
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    they use unofficial builds of bukkit and hack it to support the new protocol and features if there are any. the result is a very unstable and likely to crash combo.
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    Hey josh7554

    There servers you speak of often use unofficial builds, which utilise protocol hacks to achieve the ability for players to connect. This often means that new features break and cause crashes and it is generally unstable It is recommended that you just wait for a supported build to be created. :)
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    Bukkit is open source, if you know what to do you can make an update yourself supporting the new client protocol. It's not more unstable than any other bukkit build, it just has the new features disabled. Why bukkit doesn't provide this is beyond my understanding. I would'nt recommend an unofficial build, not because its unstable because its actually stable and doesnt crash more then other normal builds, but its because people usually inject some bad code in it..
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    A better way to say it would be that the builds haven't undergone the rigorous testing that bukkit builds undergo in order to be classified as stable, and are also not supported by bukkit.
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    Secret magicians with programming abilities.
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    bukkit needs to get on the ball with coming out with new releases faster i had to wait forever with 1.7.2
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    Fett do understand that these guys are creating a free product, in their spare time? And they aren't paid to do this?

    Maybe you should be grateful they have 1.7.2 even out. If they're release speed isn't good enough for you, perhaps you should considered using the official server.
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    No matter what you hear otherwise, no one has a real 1.7.7 server. They all utilize protocol hacks which are known to crash clients and are incredibly unstable.

    Locked. Rest assured the Bukkit team is working hard on getting the update out, but as usual, we don't know how long that will take to be able to provide any ETA that isn't just pulling a random number out of a hat.
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