How did your performance change in 1.8.1? Up? Down? or the same?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Kane, Sep 26, 2011.

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    what tool do you use to gauge that? and is it possible to run such a tool with a VPS type of server?
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    If you been running servers for many months you sort of get a feel from update to update.
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    You can use command book to measure the amount of TPS.
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    I understand that. I've been running a server for 11 Months now. I was referring to the actual tool that gauges the TPS like sukosevato suggested. Are there any other plugins that do this? I use AdminCMD over command book
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    Command book will not conflict with admincmd. You can 'compile' command book anyway you want.

    Go to that link and only select the 'Debug' one. That way it compiles so that the only thing the plugin does is measure the amount of TPS.
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    Awesome! Thanks a ton!
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    lagmem lagmeter
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    I use lagmem also.
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    It's way worse in 1.8 - theres no question, the game is shitting itself.
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    I swear every update is just a test of Kainzo's sanity (and the sanity of any other big server owners...)
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    Wait till 1.9.
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    For fucks sake, I don't even want to think about that.
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    Can I go back to 1.3 now?
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    1.7 works fine.... we switch to 1.8 and now all player flame the worlds loads slow.
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    It got worse, definately.
    Luckely I upgraded my server, so it runs about the same, but I did not get the improvement I was aiming for.

    Lets hope the bukkit team can streamline things... though I cant shake the feeling that something is wrong in the core of how MC works.
    Maybe its simply the end of what you can do with java...
  17. 1.8 was a huge hit on the cpu utilization and 1.9pre...well, I hardly see our 1.9pre server below 100% CPU utilization even with only 2-5 players online (measured with top, vmstat)

    We tried to get some feedback a while ago
    and here:
    but it only showed that most server admins have nearly no clue about what they are doing - that was really an amazing surprise to us...

    And Mojang, well, they really need to sort their shit and put some of the money they/notch makes back into the process pipeline for MC instead of fuzzing around with all other projects at the same time! Its beyond my understanding why Mojang is putting so few efforts into MC...
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    To be honest, our server has been fine. Granted it is currently only a private server we havnt seen much of a change. The only thing is those DAMN ENDERMAN! I swear to the heavens above ima nuke the lot of them. In the space of 6 days. I left my server online and my 6story mansion was demolished cas of those little BUGGERS!
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    Chunk loading sucks in 1.8. I have a beast of a server, more RAM and CPU than I ever utilize, and I still have that crappy chunk problem where the chunks don't load until you walk on them. Sucks for making videos. I think all the fixes from 1.6 and 1.7 didn't make it into 1.8. I haven't had issues like this since 1.5.
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    Every Update Minecraft need more and more performance :(
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    The game is Beta, so it was never "Offical" what any requirements were.
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    i only have a small server never pay much attention to its useage cept when it starts complaining.
    but even though weve been playing with less people lately, the world loads a lot slower.
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    Crappy performance as usually.

    each new version I lost a bit more of my faith on mojang coding skills.
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    Every time a new feature is added there is going to be more overhead, period.
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    I noticed a HUGE increase in the amount of resources that my server is eating up. I dedicate 4 GB of memory off the bat to it and give it a maximum overhead of 12 and it constantly creeps up and up over the course of a couple of hours until its using almost all 12 and CPU 0 sits at 99% most of the time.

    Even with all of this, world gen is slow, chunks do not persist (I can be standing on an edge of a chunk, turn my character around and the chunk behind me will disappear, and I have to back up and approach the chunk again to get it to re-appear), some times, when a new player joins, the entire server will freeze for a second. I noticed these errors in 1.8 and they are even more prevalent in 1.9 pre-release.

    I really wish Mojang would consider porting this to a better programming language. Something that will streamline it, give it the ability to use multiple cores, and take advantage of hyper threading as well. Also, I'm all for adding new features and fleshing out the game a bit, it keeps it interesting. However, it seems that each time they add a feature, they create 10 bugs, then only fix 3 of them.
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    Hate it when people make this leap. Java is a brilliant language for mulithreading, it's built into the language and way way easier than in C/C++. Any other faster language, like C++ would consume 5x the development time as Java does, and have 10x the bugs, due to the nature of C++. And every critical bug would lead to a hard fault of the application, server or client.

    Mojang just needs to rewrite things for multithreading. The multithreaded chunk saving is a good step forward for 1.9, but it seems to be too little, too late.
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    Notch just replied to you.

    Jesus Christ this was actually almost a true quote lmao:
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    It looks just fine really.
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    Since people are happy and sad and happy and sad. I decided to move my server back with the last company I still have almost a month left with anyways.

    I know how the performance went with 1.7.3 a lot so I will see over this weekend what 1.8.1 scores.
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