How did you start off?

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How did you learn Java?

  1. Books

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  2. Youtube

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  3. Someone helped me

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  4. Other (Post it down below!)

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    Most arguably, learning how to Java is one of the most frustating things in making a game or mod. It requires patience, courage and dedication. So far I have not been able to do this. Thats why I am asking you guys if you remember how you learned java.

    Yes I heared of "TheNewBoston", but I never learn anything because its to boring and confusing...

    So comment how you learned java below!

    Thanks - Gonzxor
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    I know you want to bite me, but I learned it from TheNewBoston :3
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    TheNewBoston to start learning the "raw" Java and simple things about coding, then move to someone like Pogostick for Bukkit tutorials! Books have also taught me in previous programming languages and I will probably continue reading books for Java as well. Hope this helped!

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    Personally, I prefer books. Looking back at people's videos, very few go as in depth as books and barely any people know what they're talking about on youtube.
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    It was a pain in the ass, but I successfully watched episode 1-55 COMPLETELY in 5 days. :D
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    Oh God please tell me you're lying about the BCBroz...
    Please buy a book or learn from someone who is good at Java
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    I'm not lying. But it helped me learn about Bukkit stuff. Not Java. Also, I would buy a book if could. I'm only 12, know how to make some types of plugins, learning Java, and can't get a job. ;3 I have money, but I don't know where to buy it. Is it possible I could buy it online?
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    Amazon sells lots of programming books. For Java, I recommend Java for Dummies. Remember this tho: First language is always hardest, rest get easier the more languages you know. I remember learning C++ when I was 11. Hard at first, took me a while, but all other languages were easier. I remember learning Java, a long long long time ago. Now I can make multi threaded 3D games in pretty much every powerful language :D
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    I personally loath videos because I find they A. Don't work and B. are generally bad and contain a lot of the content creators habits. I learned online through various tutorials (pdfs and whatnot) and by reading the docs (which I know people don't usually recommend). I already had background with some C derivatives (like C++) so a lot of the syntax was familiar however it's was still a challenging language to learn. Try out all the options you have and you will eventually learn. Good luck!
  11. Guys, look at Appljuze on youtube. I think he also have a bukkit account Appljuze
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    I was searching around on some little html created websites. From people of my school. And I saw a page based on Javascript and I shout: "I want to learn Java". Created my first little walking boy in Java 2D. And so I experimented with all kinds of code (PHP, JAVASCRIPT...). And now I am coding plugins and other stuff. Than I watched a lot of video's about coding in Java.
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    I learned all sorts of other languages before switching to java like Lua, JS, Python, ruby. Once you learn a few languages it's not that hard to learn a syntax change, other than Objective C, that stuff's confusing.
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    I started on youtube, stopped there a few days after and got some help from people I know.
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    I started with minecraft modding, by just copying tutorials. Later I started learning the basics of java (thenewboston) and came to bukkit plugins.
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    I started at School. To be honest, we didn't cover Java yet, only Python and small bits of JavaScript, learning those made it easier for me to understand Java for some reason.
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    I learned from a java book, and learned after playing with Scratch and then watched a demo with blocks to show how object oriented works. After that I just played around with some source code and yeah. I came to bukkit plugins when I was creating a server and needed something that wasn't made.
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    I used him when I first started :p But I didn't learn much. They were tutorials they didn't make you learn, he just showed some code and how you would do it. Useless.
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    Friend was bragging to me that he knew java and c++. I accepted it as a challenged and went ahead and decompiled a few programs, figured out the general syntax and logic then proceeded to watch thenewboston's intermediate tutorials.
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    I learned through the wonderful process of thousands of Google searches!
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    Ikr? It's like all languages have made a common sytax, than Objective C goes and is like bye bye familiar things!
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    Multi-dimensional arrays that are written like int[,]. :p
    Recently had to do a part of an application in C# and oh my was it difficult after learning other languages.
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    I learned by reading other peoples code, and by giving myself projects of my own that I was excited about. If I found something I didn't understand in their code, I would look it up.
    And eventually getting a job in the field definitely encouraged me to learn more and actually read some books. The reading part is soo much more interesting when programming becomes more than just a hobby, but a passion.
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    I havent really learned yet :3 but i have been learning through online guides and tutorials, as well as the bukkit plugin development section. Are there actually jobs in this field, because older friends of mine have had a lot of trouble getting them?
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    I haven't leaned it either, but i have managed to get some logic to happen and to do what I want :) YouTube tutorials gave me simple instructions on how a plugin is build up, the rest was knowledge from c++, stackoverflow and mainly the bukkit class refernece, aswell as various people here on the forums who helped me / helped others and i used their advice (thanks for that) to get my idea to work.
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    In Bukkit deving, not many. In Java, well, it's the most likely language to get you a job. But if you want a job in Java, learn LOTS about it and get a CS degree.
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    A book, I like how books don't give you the code, there are no paste bins and all that, it tells you concepts about the "KeyWords" and usages, study it. After studying Java, practice, test yourself, then when you are ready move to the bukkitApi.
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    I learned Java from courses at my college, since I'm going for a Master's degree in Computer Science. Then I learned Bukkit just by experimenting and playing with the API, and also by getting help on these forums.

    I now teach Java and Bukkit on my YouTube channel and on my website, but I still learn new things every day :)
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    I learned to program by typing in BASIC code out of a magazine into my C-64. Because it didn't have an internet connection. Or storage of any kind.

    Yeah, seriously.

    Wow, now I feel old, ok, bye!
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