How can I optimize McMyAdmin using RB on Ubuntu 11.04?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by jase240, Sep 26, 2011.

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    Okay I'm running McMyAdmin to handle my server, its not on an overpowered machine but it can handle its load. I want to know the best way to optimize McMyAdmin to run the fastest, with the most throughput also. The server only has 3GB of max RAM to use, about 2GB dedicated to Minecraft, its running on a Phenom triple core 2.1Ghz each core, standard 7200RPM HDD. No RAM disk setup yet as I don't know how to set that up.

    Any ways to make this server run the fastest, its chunk loading isnt the best but I'm almost sure thats due to 1.8 (however I DID switch the Java used from client version to Server version and that helped a LOT)

    Best ways to configure McMyAdmin and bukkit plugins and how-to on a RAM would be very helpful please :)


    EDIT- Does RAID0 help performance much? Please tell me if so I am considering reinstalling with 2 HDDs using RAID0

    Really wanting to know about RAMdisks, if they are safe to use for a minecraft server with McMyAdmin

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    Using a limited number of plugins, disabling mobs, limiting view distance, limiting max players. Just a few things you can try... your best bet would be investing in doubling (if not more) your ram.

    Ive had the same issue with chunk loading since 1.8... though I'm wondering if that's the low upload speed I have.
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    Okay Im gonna try the view distance, i've already gotten rid of as many plugins as I can to where it only uses about 300-500MB with few on. Still considering RAID and/or a RAMdisk just no idea how to setup a RAMdisk.
    And what would be best?
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    Okay I reinstalled the OS with two Hard drives in RAID 0, it seems a bit faster now. Anyone have any experience with McMyadmin? If so any good configs for it and settings would be helpful :)
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