How can i make my server 24/7?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Coolkidfreak, Jun 27, 2012.

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    I'm on PC W7 and I want a 24/7 server but last time I kept my server running 24/7 it melted mt processor!! Is there any command I can execute to keep it running when I have my computer in off?? Or simply would I have to lower the rate of my cpu and put it into sleep?
  2. Only way to make a server 24/7 is to rent one from a minecraft host
  3. I run a server at my home, I don't agree that you need a dedicated server. However, running your own server make things a lot more complicated: don't think about using windows, time to learn linux command line! My server has 90% uptime, I can ofcourse never forsee ISP problems or elmectricity problems, that's an issue you won't have with a dedicated server.

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    Just get a newer computer, and a good cooler. I run mine fine windows 7 and 24/7 :) Hope your server works out!

    I run fine on my computer and it's Windows 7...
    And I run my server fine on my computer 24/7 No-Lagg and works perfectly fine.

  5. That's very unhealthy for a computer to run 24/7 not to mention the electricity cost
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    It has worked fine for a while. Computer hasn't slowed down when the server is off, and nothing has changed. The electricity isn't a big deal computer ran 24/7 already.
  7. well unless you got a watercooled pc , your just going to burn up all your components
  8. you can just dedicate a affordable computer to run youre server
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  9. We're talking about a cratbukkit server, not a 5k gaming server.. My server (just an old pc with some more RAM and new motherboard and linux installed) just stands there, it can easily host 20 people.. I don't say I can host it for a a huge MC community though; but for playing with friends, it's a lot easier to do that in stead of having to host it on your own pc. Also plugin development is very easy on a seperate server once you know how to mount an ftp connection =) But I agree, if you're planning to host a huge mc community, you'll be better off with a dedicated server.

  10. Dont tell any one but.... >.> I run my server form an old school laptop I found in just about to go to the dump. Works good for a zero budget.
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  11. Pretty sure my computer has been on for months straight and I'm not even running a server off of it..
  12. that's not the best thing you can do with a computer you know..
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    I beg to differ, Every PC I have built in the last 15 years has always been on 24-7 unless the power goes out, I've never had one issue with it being on or parts dying from it, on the whole.

    Sure the odd case fan going out, but can hear it WAY before it dies, and its a $5 part. And they only go out because they have mechanically moving motor will work forever.

    And actually daily powering down and up TECHNICALLY can be worse for it than always on.
    One of the first things we learned about in electronics was how its been shown that Older TV's (only older ones mentioned because they have a longer track record to trace, but the logic applies to any electronics) TV's that was left on more often than 'daily power cycle use ones' worked longer, had less chance of dying, and usually had better pictures than the others.
    It's from the expansion/contraction of the subparts from 'warm' in use state, to 'cool 'powered down state repeatedly. Capacitors die out in a shorter lifespan by 10-15% when warmed by usages, and cooled un-powered.

    PC parts are no different just smaller scale, I mean the chance of failure from them from the warm to off cool temp is VERY unlikely, but leaving them on has no detrimental effects.

    Remember there is servers and rackmounts out there that run none stop 80-100% load for 5-6 years, only powered off to do updates, or replace them with newer ones when they get old.

    My PC I'm on now has been up for 3 years, with perhaps a total downtime of 4 hours(?) in that time. To add ram, replace vidcard, upgrade chip..etc
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    I want my server to be 24/7 any other ways like pgygaming is a home server but its 24/7
  15. There's nothing wrong with keeping a PC on 24/7. It's actually easier on the components compared to the thermo-shock resulting from frequent power off/on cycling.

    Bukkit has very low CPU use, so my CPU fan is running at idle. And modern Intel processors monitor the CPU temperature and will throttle the clock if the temperature is too high (e.g., in the event of a fan failure).

    It is important to blow-out the heat sinks every few months. However, failure to do so will not cause you "to burn up all your components".

    P.S. Invest in a small UPS that can run the PC for at least 10 minutes to ride through short power outages.
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