Solved How can I delete the WorldBorder?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Tim203, Oct 14, 2017.

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    I have a question: How can I delete the WorldBorder completely?
    I want to make a custom Spigot, where there is no WorldBorder and Chunk generation.
    But how can I do that?
    Can I just delete the WorldBorder file from Spigot-API en Spigot-Server or are there a lot of classes where I have to delete the WorldBorder part?

    Thanks for advance,

    (The reason why is because it will take ram and I want RAM optimization and I heard that the WorldBorder will update every x ticks)
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    What do you mean? I don't think minecraft has a set worldborder.
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    1. RAM deals with memory, not processing. Its your processor that will have to deal with the world boarder.
    2. The amound of processing power needed to calculate a world border is minuscule. Unless you are running on a system from the 90's, you should not have to worry about performance from just a worldboarder.
    3. No, there is no way to remove the whole class from spigot. You can, however, disable world boarders by using this: (specifically, /wb clear)
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