How can I change my Ip address to a word?

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How do I change my IP address to a word IP using avente hosting hoster?

  1. You cant

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  2. Yes you can here this is how

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    Ive found many things such as no-ip BUT I do not run my server on my computer, I run it on a host: Avente Hosting. So HOW do I change my Ip to a word!?
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    You purchase a domain, then set the A-record to point to the IP address you want *shrug* it's usually pretty straight-forward.
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    Do what bitWolfy told you, or simply register a free DNS from providers like No-IP. What this does is it redirects the DNS Domain to your IP address. People usually do this for convenience or for the sake of not getting DDoSed.
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    How would that help against ddos?
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    Aghh, my bad. Didn't mean to say that part (x
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    If you bought a host then contact them you about a custom domain may be able to get one but it will cost more money if you are hosting it then you have to buy a custom domain
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