Question How are 1.8 plugins being released without 1.8 bukkit?

Discussion in 'General Help' started by Morbytogan, Aug 23, 2015.

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    I am constantly seeing plugins saying that they are for MC version 1.8.1, but if I'm not mistaken, there is no 1.8 version of bukkit? If I am wrong and there's a 1.8 version, please link it below or explain why 1.8 plugins are released.
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    cough cough spigot cough

    Plus, not all plugins will break with 1.8, and can continue working just fine, or can be built against 1.7 bukkit apis just fine still
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    As Boomer said, you're likely able to build against 1.7 api and it'll work, however if you were to try and use a 1.8 material then it flat out would't work. You'd need to build a copy of Spigot/"Craftbukkit" 1.8. I put Craftbukkit in quotes since Spigot is currently developing any 1.8+ versions of Craftbukkit.

    Here's a video on how to get Spigot/"Craftbukkit" 1.8+
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    @Morbytogan Curse decided to ignore most guidelines that were enforced on, so as a result a large number of the content posted there is either not an actual bukkit plugin, monetized content, or plain malicious. Run a virus scan on any item you downloaded from it as if you downloaded it from a random host website. Also, you can not download spigot or craftbukkit, despite what @oceantheskatr says, and so il recommend not following his video.
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    Can't and shouldn't are two very different things. One can physically download both Spigot and "Craftbukkit". The URL I posted provides legitimate links to Spigot threads that md_5 has made that allow you to build versions of 1.8 servers, so they are definitely not malicious.

    While yes, you shouldn't build a copy, you technically can.[/user]
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    @oceantheskatr you could make the same argument for pirating software.
  7. I don't see that. Of course you can and may run the BuildTools to patch the vanilla server in order to obtain a 1.8.x(Spigot) server for your own use.

    For downloading plugins i'd always consider if it is open source and well established, and/or otherwise trustworthy enough to use/test, always take precautionary measures such as keeping backups. While some resource sites do check plugins, that's never what you should 100% rely on.
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