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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by _DaBeagle_, May 27, 2013.

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    i am a staff on a space themed server, and we're always looking for new plugins. We have a bunch of doctor who plugins and stuff, so i started thinking of back to the future. my idea is that you could ride on slabs. but the thing is, i dont want it to be like autocraft or something, it would be cool if it was unique! and autocraft is just jolting considering its movin blocks. but i figured since you can convert any block into falling sand entities, maybe it would be possible to have those float, be ridable, and controllable. i just really think that with all the new stuff in minecraft, it would be possible to make ridable (entity) blocks. it would be alot smoother, and who knows? maybe this could be the beginning of something really excellent? (<---reference)
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    _DaBeagle_ Floating blocks don't have hit boxes so you will fall off right away, it is an nice idea though
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    Yeah, I've been wanting a plugin of this kind for a long time. It's a shame that it isn't possible yet, though. The falling blocks is a clever way to approach the idea, although it sadly enough does not yet work. When this sort of update is available for vanilla Minecraft, and the equal CraftBukkit update, I will be sure to recruit people for a project like this. Just think of the magnificiant possibilities available when this is implemented. Think of how much AutoCraft can be improved, as an example.

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    since entities can now stack, would it be possible to have like... an invisible pig on top of the slabs? then you could ride it and it would look like you're riding the blocks. of course, with mobrider, you can ride most entities, so thats why i brought up the falling sand thing
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    You can just use MachinaCraft flying platforms. They're ridiculously smooth and easy to use. Please mark this as filled as there are several plugins that allow similar things.
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    i suppose that's an okay plugin, but i would prefer it to be smaller and more customizable. like having 2 slabs placed on the ground and typing a command or something. especially if it would make you faster. then it would be worthwhile
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    I'd be up to the challenge, I've got a few ideas to make it work. Also I probably made most, if not all, of the doctor who plugins that you have on your server.
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    Yeah, we use Who regeneration, Sonic Screwdriver, and we're contemplating vortex manipulation, although it seems a small bit OP. We use another TARDIS, though. But i am SUPER happy that an expert plugin maker like you will attempt to make my dream come true :D
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    You can get the vortex manipulator to cost a certain number of items every time you use it and you should get my TARDIS plugin... it's better :)
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