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  1. heres what it does
    Reason needed=to bind spells or skills to on a pvp server and not having to keep arranging them

    - Player places different colored wool in slots of hotbar
    - /hotbar Rbind commandhere (while holding wool to bind command) to bind right click
    - / hotbar Lbind commandhere (while holding wool to bind command) to bind left click
    - /hotbar bind commandhere (while holding wool to bind command)to bind to both
    - player says command /hotbar 1-9 (configurable amount to hold wool in hotbar)
    - Plugin holds those wool blocks in place and even after death are still there
    - blocks not dropable in this state
    - only works on wool or (configurable) block i think wools the easiest tho
    - L

    basicly this allows you to do tons of stuff like bind all your spells skills to easy to remember blocks and it will cast them and every death you dont have to reset your bar
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    I think this is similar to TikiToolKit... I remember seeing that plugin a while ago.

    EDIT: The only difference is the whole "permanent" part. I'm not sure if this is a big deal to you or not, but could you just use a kit instead?
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    So basically Essentials PowerTools?
  4. no i want the permenant part as in you die its still there when you are alive again (like a permanent hotbar on say wow where your spells are still there even if you die) these powertools would be your permanent bar) i can use other plugins for everything else all i really want is 5 spots left side of hotbar never disappear even after death

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