Hot Potato!

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Egg or potato?

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  2. potato

  1. Plugin name : Hot potato

    The aim of the game is to be the last alive

    Players join the game via a join sign

    Players are all spawned into the arena and when the default amount of players have joined, the game will auto start

    there will be a countdown of 30 seconds giving other players a chance to join still
    at 5 seconds new players are stopped from joining

    When the game starts one player is given the egg or potato at random

    they then have 10 seconds to hit another player with it before they are killed and out of the game,
    if they are killed there is an explosion effect and sound at the player (no damage to others)

    The same effect happens if the player misses and hits no other player
    They will die and another random player will get the egg / potato

    winner is last person standing at the end

    I am looking for someone to create lots of custom plugins,
    I have lots of ideas and need someone to help make them

    I am also looking for someone to make private paid plugins for me

    message if interested

    thanks :)
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    This could be a good plugin. You also need to add 5 seconds before a player can be killed to prevent spawn camping

    If you waited, I'd have this done in 3 weeks. I'm away for 2 now and can't code.

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    Great idea! Might be my next project. Have to finish another plugin for now
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  6. Wouldn't it be more fun if players have to discover who the potato has?
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    Wow, requesting a copy of my plugin... #CopyingTheCore
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    Welcome to bukkit
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