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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by swaggod, Aug 26, 2017.

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    Minecraft version: 1.7.10 and 1.8

    Suggested name: VelocityUhc

    What I want: I want Uhc plugin Like Badlion and like Badlion borders(I can set the border size in config.yml (NOTE: you can use worldborder plugin for that if you want)), first heal (I can set that time in config.yml), pvp time (again set the time in config.yml) food that they get when all the players are scattered (they will get 10 cooked beef)I can change apple rate and flint rate in config (1 to 100%). scoreboards for FFA game for teams scoreboard for lobby scoreboard
    and in config I can also change this
    MAXPLAYERS (number)
    BORDERSHRINKTIME (in how many times the border will start shrinking) (after that time is up then the border will shrink by 500 every 5 min until 50x50 and it will show msg in chat the border is shrinking in 5sec 4sec 3sec 2sec 1sec and if you are out side the border then it will tp you inside)
    HEALTIME (in min)
    PVPTIME (in min)
    NETHER True/False
    STRENGTH1 True/False
    STRENGTH2 True/False
    SHEARS True/False
    SPEED1 True/False
    SPEED2 True/False
    ABSORPTION True/False
    GODAPPLES True/False
    HORSES True/False
    HORSEARMOUR True/False
    whenever I or a player type /config it will show this to the player.
    NOTE: nether border is 1000 blocks on every side and if the overworld border is 500 then all the players that are in nether will get tped overworld inside 500 border also if you are getting out of nether then the portal will always be inside the border so player won't die.

    Also when a player dies they will get tped at spawn and get kicked in 30 sec with this msg "&6&lThanks for playing" (they get removed from whitelist too) to bypass getting kicked you need this permission (uhc.spectate)

    Also, I want all the msg to be configurable

    Ideas for commands:

    - /kt and /killtop
    (to show how the top ten players kills) (and it will reset when the server restart)
    - /h <player> and /health <player> (hows the player health)
    - /Uhc start ( (Starts the countdown on the lobby scoreboard to start the uhc and start scattering players in side the border and when they get scattered they will not be able to move or jump until the uhc starts and if its a team game then all the team members will be scattered in a same spot)(NOTE: I can change the count down in config)
    - /Uhc stop ( (To stop the uhc and all the players will be kicked from the server)(NOTE: Kick msg I can add in config)
    - /Host add/remove <player> ( (To add a host for the uhc)
    - /wl <add/remove/on/off/clear/all> (uhc.wl) (This command controls the whitelist)
    - /latescatter <player> (uhc.latescatter) (to scatter a player)
    - /respawn <player> (uhc.respawn) (This command is used to respawn a player if he died to a hacker or any reason and it will give them their stuff that they had when they died and tp him at the same spot where they died)
    - /Config (Explained in what I want)

    Team command
    (NOTE: Team command can be only be used by players when uhc is started and teammates are not allowed to hit there teammates)
    - /teams reset (uhc.teams) (To reset all teams)
    - /teams true/false (uhc.teams) (To enable teams or disable teams)
    - /teams size <Size> (uhc.teams) (To change the teams max size)
    - /team create (To create a team) (this must have a placeholder that I can use it in essentials like this %prefix% %Teams% <player>&8: &7<msg>) Team prefix example (Uhc<teamnumber>) all the team name will have different colors
    - /team solo (To be alone in your own team so no one can invite you and stuff)
    - /team invite <player> (To invite a player to your team)
    - /team accept <player> (To accept the most recent team invitation)
    - /team deny <Player> (To deny the most recent team invitation)
    - /team leave (To leave your current team)(If team leader leaves then other guy in the team will get leader. If no one is in the team then team will disband)
    - /team kick <player> (To kick a player from your team)(NOTE: Only team leader can use this command)
    - /team list <player> (To list someone's team)
    - /teamchat <message> (To send a message in the team chat)
    - /teamchat toggle (To toggle team chat and enable/disable it as your default chat)
    - /sendcoords and /sc (To send your coords to your team)

    Ideas for permissions:
    - Spectate on death: "
    - Whitelist bypass: "uhc.whitelist.bypass"
    - Max players bypass: "uhc.maxplayers.bypass" (NOTE: the "Max players" in config does not override the actual server max players)

    When I'd like it by: in 2-3 weeks
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    please some one I really need this plugin soon
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