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    The plugin above is now outdated and the owner who i have sent a message months ago hasn't been on since 2016. The plugin loads up in the console fine enough but the features as far as i know don't work. The main and only really one I'd really like is...

    ''Melee and ranged attacks while riding horses are boosted by a configurable amount. The attack damage is further increased depending on the speed of the horse. Charging cavalry attacks are now incredibly dangerous depending on the speed of the charge. All damage increased and multipliers are configurable in the config file.''
    - from horse combat's plugin page (the other features aren't essential)

    Bonus additions would be an in-game message telling X player if he did extra charge damage and if so how much. And bonus melee damage is the main concern so if adding the ranged option is extra effort... by all means don't bother.

    So... if anyone could make this that would be great. His configuration file seems to be very good so that would be a good place to look at to take inspiration.

    This would be for minecraft 1.12.
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    Unless you are given permission by the plugin creator to update, no one can update the plugin. It is illegal to modify and distribute a plugin without the author's permission.

    If you really want this plugin for 1.12, you will need to ask someone to make a plugin like horsecombat.
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    Ok thanks I've edited my message. I just thought given it isn't paid for/the guy is inactive it may be ok but never mind that makes perfect sense.
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