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    What I want: I would like to have a plugin made that prevents players from damaging horses in a faction Safezone. Players must be able to ride and dismount the horse while in the Safezone. Any form of damage cannot be inflicted upon the horse by the player, including potions and arrows. Only when a horse leaves the Safezone can it be killed. Because this uses the faction Safezone, the plugin must be compatible with the Factions plugin. I would prefer the plugin to compatible with Minecraft 1.7.9.
    Ideas for commands: I do not believe any commands will be necessary for this plugin.
    Ideas for permissions: For permissions, perhaps a 'horse.dmg,' to allow or disallow damaging horses in the Safezone.
    When I would like it by: Anytime within the next month is fine, to be honest.
    Conclusion: I have searched for a plugin similar to this and have resulted with nothing. Hope someone can create this plugin. Thanks for reading. BACON[cookedmeat]
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    acrylicfuzion? :p
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    what? :eek:
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    Do you want the horses to don't get any damage at all on safezones or just from players?

    Ok well this will prevent any damage to horses while they're inside safezone.
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