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  1. Hi! I am looking for a simple horse plugin for my 1.12 server!

    Name suggest: MyHorses
    This would be a private plugin!

    What I want:
    I want a plugin where you can:
    1. Claim/Protect a horse by right clicking on it with a saddle.
    When its protected, no one can mount it except of the people that is Opped.
    No one will be able to kill it!
    When it's claimed, you will be able to see it in your horse list by a command.
    /horse list or /h l

    You could even change the horse ID. So you can easily know what horse it is.
    What I mean is when you claim the horse. The horse will get a ID of numbers.
    You change the ID for your horse by a command. Example:
    /h change id (current id) (new id)

    2. Teleport your horse to you, and teleport you to the horse by using a command.
    /h tp here (id) = Will teleport the horse to you.
    /h tp (id) = Will teleport you to the horse.

    3. Check the horses gender and change gender.
    If you use a command, you will get a special item that you use to check the gender of the horse. Command example:
    /h checker
    You will check the horse gender by left click it with the checker, then it will say in the chat (example):
    This horse is a Mare
    This horse is a Stallion
    This horse is a Gelding

    To change the gender, you will use a command. Example:
    /h change gender (new gender)
    Only persons that is Opped will be able to do that!

    4. Breeding.
    The horses could breed. They could only breed if it is a Mare and a Stallion.
    If you try to breed a Gelding and a Stallion (example), it won't work!

    5. Training horses
    If it will work, the horses will buck you off and rear when its "new".
    You will have to ride it to train it. After a while of training the horse won't buck you off or rear!
    Extra thing that will make it more realistic:
    If the horse is a Stallion, it will buck you off more. And if it is a Gelding or Mare, it will buck you off, but not that much as a Stallion.

    6. Food and water.
    The horses will need food and water to not die.
    If the horses haven't got food in 10 days, it will die.
    The horse need Hay bales in it's stall so it can eat by itself. And water in a Cauldron to drink.
    It would be nice if it will poo! The poop can be Brown Carpet, and it will be deleted with a shovel!
    The horses will poo after 5h. Even if no one is online! (If that works!)

    7. Opped people will be able to customize horses!
    If it works, I want that the Opped people will be able to spawn a horse, change it color, type (Donkey, Mule or Horse), add/delete markings, change it's jump strength and change it's speed! To change anything, you will write the command in chat, and the right click the horse you want to change!
    Example for commands:
    /h change speed <what speed>
    /h change jump <what jump (how many blocks)>
    /h change type <type (mule, donkey, horse)>
    /h change colour <colour>
    /h change markings <markings>


    8. Be able to add/delete members of your horse(s)
    If you add a player to your horse, the player will be able to ride it and lead it.
    To add/delete a member of a horse, you need to use a command.
    /h am <horse id> <players name>
    = To add a member of the horse

    /h dm <horse id> <players name>
    = To delete a member of the horse

    /h m <horse id>
    = To see all of the members of a horse


    - Lunge your horse by doing a command like: /h lunge (ID)
    Info: The horse will start to run in a circle around the player.
    It will only work if the horse is leashed!
    When you walk a few blocks away, the horse will stop lunge!

    - Whistle for your horse by doing a command like: /h call (ID)
    Info: If you are near the horse, and want it to come to you, you can use that command to make it come to you! The horse will be able to hear the call up to 50 blocks away!

    - Hit poles when jumping.
    Info: When you are jumping over a jump with poles connected. The poles will "fall" to the ground and stay there for 5 secounds, then it will be putted back up!
    No fancy animation is needed!!

    - Get experience with the horse by training it!
    Info: When you train your horse, the horse will get some experience and level up. Horse can be trained up by: Lunging, Riding and walk with it in a lead.
    The level will start on 0, and the max level will be 30.
    It would be nice if it's would take a long time to level up with it!
    When the horse level up, the horse will trust you more and perform better.
    The stats might get a bit higher, but not much!

    Commands ideas:
    /h l
    = See your horses that you have protected
    /h change id <old id> <new id>
    = Change your horse ID
    /h tp <horse id>
    = Teleport you to the horse
    /h tp here <horse id> (or /h tph <horse id>)
    = Teleports the horse to you
    /h checker
    = Gives you a item (such as a wooden pickaxe?) to see your horses gender
    /h change speed <what speed>
    = Change the speed of a horse
    /h change jump <what jump (how many blocks)>
    = Change the jump strength of a horse
    /h change type <type (mule, donkey, horse)>
    = Change the horse type
    /h change colour <colour>
    = Change the colour of a horse
    /h change markings <markings>
    = Add/delete markings from a horse
    /h lunge <horse id>
    = Will start lunge the horse.
    /h call <horse id>
    = Whistle on your horse
    /h am <horse id> <players name>
    = To add a member of the horse
    /h dm <horse id> <players name>
    = To delete a member of the horse
    /h m <horse id>
    = To see all of the members of a horse

    Permissions ideas:
    h.protect = Be able to protect a horse
    h.list = Be able to use the command /h l = Be able to teleport the horse to you = Be able to teleport you to the horse = Be able to whistle at your horse
    h.pass.mount = Mount what horse. Even if it's protected
    h.pass.lead = Lead what horse. Even it it's protected
    h.members = To be able to use all of the "member" commands
    h.admin = To be able to use all commands!
    h.lunge = Be able to use the lunge command
    h.whistle = Be able to use the whistle command
    h.custom = Be able to custom a horse by using the "Custom horse" commands
    h.gender = Be able to check the horses genders
    h.* = To get all of the commands ^^

    If there is no permission added for any commands, that means the command don't need a permission!

    When I want it done: I would like it done as fast as possible! But don't stress! Take that time you need for it :)

    Thank you so much to take this time and make my plugin!
    I have no idea if you need to pay. If I need to pay, sorry. But I can't since I am broke :/
    If you can do this plugin for free to me, it would mean so much!
    If you have any questions, write to me on:
    Discord: Amandizzz#2923
    By mail:

    Thanks, Amandizzz MC
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