Honeypot - Server side auto-action on block destruction.

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    As a means to find dishonest players, I'd like to create an automated honeypot:
    toolID=configurable item ID, eg : 269
    replaceBlock=true (if set to true, there will be no item drop)
    offense1='/kick %playername% do not break other people's blocks.'
    offense2='/mcbans g %playername% griefing'
    #offence3='you can make the list as long as you need'
    Command to set a block as "protected".
    promps with
    "Right-click on a block with %toolname% to create a honeypot."

    On block break event, do above, depending on offense #/player.
    Permissions/Groupmanager nodes:
    #Allowed to break blocks regardless of protection, actions will still be logged if enabled. Ops are automatically allowed to bypass.
    If an admin/op/permissions allowed player breaks a block that is protected, the player will be logged, and any protection in that space removed.

    EG: I place a diamond block near spawn covered in glass to catch dishonest players.
    I protect the glass with /hp.
    With the above setup, if a player beaks it, the block is replaced.
    offense1 is ran.
    Notify console:
    [honeypot]: %playername% broke %blockid%. Offence number %offence#%. Action taken: "/kick %playername% do not break other people's blocks." Block replaced: %replaceBlock%.
    or (if applicable):
    [honeypot]: %playername% broke %blockid%. Allowed by (administrators/permissions).
    Log (if applicable) to %logFile%.

    If the player chooses to ignore the warning, he is banned via MCBans, and everything is logged/echoed to console.

    The database can be small/flatfile, as there wouldn't be many blocks protected.

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