Homes+ (Set Multiple Homes!)

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    Plugin category: Teleportation/Miscellaneous/Mechanics

    Suggested name: Homes+

    What I want: I would like this to be a plugin where people can set multiple homes, with different names. This would be ideal for people who have a secret stash, a house, and want to come back to their friend's base. This is the plugin where you can find an awesome cave do /sethome awesomecave and then do /home awesomecave and come back to it later. This will be a relatively simple plugin but will be very useful to a lot of players.

    Ideas for commands: /sethome {Name}
    /home {Name}

    Ideas for permissions: homesplus.sethome

    When I'd like it by: By the end of December if possible.
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    You can also use essentials to accomplish this.
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    HomeSpawnPlus is also a great plugin that is highly configurable. =)
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    Okay, thanks :)

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