/home /spawn timers and or Portal system?

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    So I thought I be the first to spam in a request but really it can just be used for a good way to get some blood flowing on an idea that I seam to have come down with an issue on my server.

    Borderlands is a great plugin with the safezone and no more killing the /spawn command has become a great way to get out of lava or mid air falling and pvp...

    The problem is it's cheap and cheating in my books and same in the books of the players that use it but of course they still use it and I guess I could ban everyone but then where would my players come from? I don't know if the church plays zombie games <3

    So the idea was a portal system where you would set the MAIN portal somewhere at spawn. This would act as your 1 side of the portal for all characters no matter what this portal is there for everyone.

    Now you go far away and you setup a new portal. This portal is pretty much your /sethome and when you go through it you end up at the MAIN portal (spawn one the admin would create) You can also go through the portal if you created a portal and it would take you to your portal.

    Then this would replace /home and /spawn for good. Now I guess if you have 2-3 people working in the same city you could install a button on the portal where if anyone clicks it they auto bind to it or maybe /sethome binds to the closest portal within 10 blocks?

    The other idea would be simple and not as fun but /home and /spawn could have a timer function. When you move it stops. The timer can be server adjusted in seconds and pretty much if you are safe you wait 10-30secs and if you start running well at least you can't macro /spawn and or /home.

    Now I don't know but exiting the game I would guess also cheats? maybe keep all players in the game for 30seconds?

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  2. Well there is the portal plugin made by Dinnerbone and sturmeh. If they port their plugin to Bukkit, you could basically make what you are describing in your post. Just place some portals here and there and disable the /spawn command.
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    Portal plugin is awesome, sorta epic if you play it on a portal map with a portal texture pack.
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    Would love to see a plugin that puts timers on commands. The only one I found out there appears to be obsolete and the creator is gone.
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    The spawn/home/command timer idea is interesting. I'll look into making something like that once bukkit is more fleshed out.

    And the portal idea...stargate can be used to do that. It hasn't been updated in a while, but I suspect that is due to DinnerBone working on bukkit. I think it's fairly likely that he'll port it over in the future.
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    I actually working on a /denycom command which, when used with /home or /spawn would achive just that. When done, it can be used for any command, for any player(s)/group(s)/everyone and for any length of time up to 28800 seconds (8 hours) and persists even if a player affected by it exits.
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    Would be quite good to have something like this, my users just do /home and /spawn whenever something attacks them :(
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    This is exactly what I'd like, a simple delay for /home and /spawn which cancels if the player moves before the time is up, and which gives appropriate messages ("You will be teleported to your home in 10 seconds", "Teleport canceled due to movement", and so forth).
    Also, a cooldown for /sethome would be nice so that it can only be used once every X minutes to prevent abuse. That's a secondary concern, though; I'm mainly concerned with being able to delay /home and /spawn.
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    What if you made it so you need at least 8 hearts to use those commands?
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