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    Scruffy Puppy

    Plugin category: Not Sure

    Suggested name: HomeSigns

    What I want:
    I'd like a plugin that sets a sign down with a player uses /sethome. If the sign cannot be placed, then /sethome will not work. The sign would say something like "Scruffy_Puppy's Home".

    If the sign is broken, then the /home command to the sign won't work. With this, a block that the sign is in can only support one player's /sethome.

    Should work with multiple /sethome's by the same person. For example: A player could have two signs for different homes, but only if they have the permissions to.

    Ideas for commands: /sethome, /sethome player [for another person], /delhome

    Ideas for permissions: homesigns.sethome.other

    When I'd like it by: Anytime
  2. Working on it...
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    Scruffy Puppy

  4. You must rename the file to HomeSigns.jar, instead of .txt. I did that so it would let me upload it from here.

    /sethome [home name]
    /home [home name]
    /delhome [home name]

    Permissions are:

    Only people with the HomeSigns.break permission, ops, or the person who created the sign can break it.
    It was only lightly tested so tell me about any bugs...

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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    bunnyfaceperson123 That is why most devs use dropbox or mediafire :p
    You forgot the file btw
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    Scruffy Puppy

    I might not be able to test this soon, btw. I wasn't expecting it so fast. Thank you again.

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