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    what about an plugin which allows you to ride / hold on a player. If you right click him with your hand, a request will be send and the player can enter

    ( accept ) : /r accept
    ( deny ) : /r deny
    r = ride

    If he accept, you can hold on him, if not then not.

    Why? -> you can take a player with you for example if you fly or something like that.

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    From previous experience, mounted players can't fly. :3 I don't think you're allowed to fly if you're on an entity, although I might be completely wrong.
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    Hi. There's a plugin called "SpawnMob". It allows you to set a player riding a mob / riding another player... I didn't try it with this plugin but I will and then I tell you if it worked or not ;)
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    Do this:

    Get Voxel Sniper
    Add yourself as sniper [/addsniper <name>]
    /b jockey - using a arrow right click on the person.

    Mounted players are able to fly/jump/dig/wank. (Not sure about the last one, but worth a try).
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    No i have voxel sniper, The person who is on top has no control it is the person who is in the bottom. *Kinda sounds wrong but you get the point*
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    Just get the other player to sit on you...?

    Oh, and TORLOLOL! Just got it ! :p
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    Yes. I even want it like that =D The person of the top should just "automatically follow" him.
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    This is basically what you need yes? no? mabey?
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    If it is like that, to find voxel sniper do the fallowing:

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    Found it. Thanks for your help!

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