Hockey (Mini Game)

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by bryce99, Jan 31, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Hockey

    What I want:
    Light weight mini game plugin that players choose to join (using a command).

    Also adding a little custom shop (using commands to access) to buy "hockey sticks" and "hockey skates".
    Shop uses money won or from loosing games. (I'd be great to connect it with iConomy)

    The hockey sticks are regular sticks that are re-named into something like "Beginners Stick". Another hockey stick is a blaze rod, just for donors (No extra features just looks cool). Hockey skates are boots, leather, chain, diamond etc. diamond of course is the best pair of "skates" you can buy. Also re-nameable skates ex: "Beginners Skates (Leather boots)

    Once (set amount of players) have joined the lobby they will be moved into the arena. (Spawn points are set).
    After a count down (using the xp bar for the 5 to 1 count down) the players are able to start skating and going for the puck. The puck spawns in the middle of the arena (also set the spawn for it)
    When there is enough player in the waiting arena (set the amount of players) then the plugin auto splits them up into teams. The team names can be Red and Blue, just something simple.
    Objective is to score on the goal of the other team. The goal has to be selected and made using world edit/guard
    The "puck" can be almost anything. I prefer a plant pot as it is small. The puck drops when the game starts and you hit the puck (using your hockey stick) and the puck goes sliding across the ice.
    The game ends at a score of 7 or after 10 minutes of play time.

    Once players issued the command they are in the waiting lobby (also set the spawn point). To ready up they hit a sponge block. They can use only limited commands while in lobby. Players MUST have empty inv to join. They are given a emerald when they join and right click it to open a HUD that shows all items they bought and what they have equipped for the game. The commands they can use are Shop command and Leave command, that's all.

    Ideas for commands:
    /hockey shop -
    access the hockey shop
    /hockey - help guide for players
    /hockey join (arena) - moves that player into the waiting lobby
    /hockey leave - leaves the current lobby you are in

    Ideas for permissions: hockey.Help hockey.Shop hockey.Join.(arena) hockey.Leave

    When I'd like it by: A month?

    The spawning of where to spawn players is a similar idea to Mob Arena.
    If I left out anything please comment :)
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