hMod plugin developers will come to Bukkit? OMG I'M SO CURIOUS!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by rockyandirou, Jan 2, 2011.

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    I would really know if the developers of hMod plugins when it dies, they will come to bMod (I know it's bukkit) and restart the plugins development here. There will be an Updatr? I really want to know!
  2. Well, most of the hMod dev team is already on the Bukkit forums... So that a good thing I guess?
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    Indeed. Just by scanning the members list and there positions within the dev team many of these people are very active plugin authors for hMod so I'd just expect that even if hMod was maintained it not likely these authors would support two frameworks.

    The most exciting news about Bukkit is that Updatr-like functionality will be built in to the mod (if you care to read the projects homepage first-poster ;)) and that plugin management should be much simpler.
  4. Yes I agree, for me plugins are the main reason to use a server mod instead of Notch' stuff. The more support a mod can give for plugins the better in my opinion.
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    This has got everything in it to be a great mod so, why not?
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    Considering that hey0 will lose at least 90% of the core development support, and that this core will be 9000 times better than hmod. I think this one wins in the long run.
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    So is hmod stopping?
    Or is it just that it will have less support?
    Been trying to get this answered all day :(
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    Updatr is essentially being built into Bukkit. And thanks to the repo, it will be even better.
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    Awesome. Because hunting down multiple plugins and updating them manually after the server breaks is the highlight of my dull and unexciting life :rolleyes:
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    Awww, but thats the fun of being a server admin. :D
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    Herr Riz

    Assuming chrisinajar ports HeyRunes, expect future NotRunecraft versions on Bukkit. =)
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    Bukkit is "hMod v2" in a sense. Thus hMod "v1" will be no more, no longer updated (unless someone else wants to, I certainly don't). hMod definitely needed a re-write, badly.
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    I feel that even though this will come to replace hMod, there should still be some barebones support until Bukkit becomes safely stable. Otherwise both teams are abandoning the community.
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    I get the general impression that the Bukkit team is hoping to have a stable release before the next server update... and for the most part, both teams are the same team. :)
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    Indeed that was what I heard or at least what I thought I did.

    Circle of life and all that jazz? moving on to bigger and better? or just more spare time :D
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    It seems like (and I wasn't there in the beginning so bare[sp?] with me) hMod blew up much quicker than hey0 thought it was going to. Its hard managing this scale of project without very specific roles put in place. Between developing and updates and errors and etc. I think there wasn't really enough time for that. Now with Bukkit, it seems much more organized at least on the dev. team side that its easier to work towards an update without having to worry about the unimportant things.
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    Some of us feel a server update looming in the next few days, so Bukkit will, for sure, be not ready if it's that soon. hMod will be ported for that update if that's the case though, so you guys won't have a gap in time without a working server mod :p
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    Is there a reason why hey0 stopped updating hMod, i know he said he doesn't even play minecraft, makes me wonder why he made it in the first place.
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    I stopped updating because: I've been busy (school, friends, etc.), I was on vacation and I haven't felt like working on it. I made it because I enjoyed minecraft (at the time), and all other server administration stuff was lacking.
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    K, just wondering, i realise you have a life :)
    So you used to play minecraft?
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