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    If someone could please make this or show me where i could get all these plugins seperatly please tell me.
    Here is the list of things i would like:
    - Boss bar how they say welcome <yourname> back and also how they have multiple and custom messages rotating round! and how they have it as a custom health each message/time!

    - hiding players how they how they hide all players but mainly how they change the item in your
    hand depending on whether its enabled or disabled! and how to send a custom message in chat

    - the server join and lobby signs how they have the text updating and changing!

    - how they kick normal members to make space for a vip and send a custom message to you after you have been returned to the hub server

    - how they have multiple hubs so when you join it takes the you to 1 of like e.g 5 hubs because i know they have more than one hub because occasionally when i join i am in different places in the hub. e.g i did some parkour on one stayed up there reconnected and i was in a
    different place.

    - jump pads redstone jump pad things/boosters!

    - chat how they make it so you chat is delayed and its not shown in chat and sends your a custom message telling you to wait 15 seconds.

    - compass how they tp you to locations instead of servers!

    - how they block commands and send you a custom message!

    - speacial charcters in chat like a star and making it bigger!

    - wardrobe. where it puts on custom armour!

    If you cant make this or want to yell at me please do it somewhere else because i am not in the mood for getting yelled at.
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    omggrim thank you
    but is there a boss bar that flashes like the hive
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    The lobby signs and auto updating signs and the hubs use a server mod thats not bukkit. It uses Spigot and Bungee cord. All the other things I pretty sure you can find a plugin for. But if you were to make your server multiworld then you could use Server signs to make a lobby teleportation. You can add commands and a bunch of stuff to signs when you click them, its pretty cool check it out.
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    i use bungee cord. i will ask them if they can make it
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    Locked. Offline mode servers are not supported here.
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