[HIRING] Looking for a PAID Developer to bridge forum and develop Donation Store

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by KraaZe, Jun 5, 2012.

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    Hello, my name is KraaZe and I am the owner as well as the Founder of CraftingInnovations.net , a Minecraft community which has been in existence since May 2011 but sadly has not gone very far in terms of population...

    Well I'm looking to change that. I'm going to be hiring multiple developers who can do the work found below.
    • Develop an automated donation portal (Similar to BuyCraft)
    • Bridge the forums and server (We run IPBoard and use PermissionsEX)
    • Other cool things, you give me ideas; I like them, I pay you to create them.
    Throw some prices at me and tell me about your past experience.
    Notes and Info:
    • You will NOT be given root access to our dedicated server, whether it be MySQL or the general root pass.
    • You will NOT be paid the full amount before the work is complete (Only a starting fee will be paid)
    • We run a dedicated server hosted in Chicago, IL from SingleHop Co.
    • We're not looking to hire inexperienced workers.
    For now all I ask is that you post below stating your asking price for all the work as well as your past experience/work.
    - KraaZe
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    Oh the irony in the phrase "Donation Store".
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    I don't see what you're saying.
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    The definition of donation & store are extremely opposite.​
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    How is that not obvious?

    You're just charging players real money for in-game things. That's not a donation at all.
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    That "donation shop" is going to be very difficult to do without some sort of API like Enjin has.
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    Why make a copy of buycraft (extremely difficult) when you can just use buycraft itself.
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    The funds which we receive from package purchases are used as donations, not payments. All funds are used inside the community to pay it's bills and advertisements and has been that way since day 1.

    Possibly "Donation Portal" fits better?
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    why not just accept donations. and when a player reaches a certain "level" of donation amount, they are granted the package? keep it classic....

    buycraft would actually be the closest thing you are looking for, but if you wanted to make one yourself, you would have a better chance hiring a guy from craigslist. just make a post looking for php dev. your gonna need php to run scripts on your server to communicate your website with ingame commands.
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