"Hiring" A minecraft Bukkit Developer for youtube channel with 10,000 subs.

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by SkaterPengu, Mar 3, 2014.

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    Hello, I am in need of a Minecraft Bukkit plugin developer. Yes it says "Hiring" but we are not paying. Although it would be a very good opportunity for someone who is looking for developing experience. You can be any age but I have some pretty intense stuff planned, but at the same time I am very easy going and flexible. I am making a server for my youtube channel with 11,000 subs. TONS and TONS of them are asking for a server. The server is coming along quite nicely, very, should I say. But I want to be able to have more freedom with all the plugins and stuff. As I said we have about 11,000 subs so you won't be short on players.

    Skype or Email me if you are interested or have any concerns [​IMG]

    Skype:SkaterPengu Email:ColeSkory@gmail.com

    P.S. The development would be for Minigames.

    I am very nice to work with and I have a great team so far. All I am missing is a Developer. I would love you to join the team [​IMG]

    YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/TheSkorys

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