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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Ryanrr1134, May 1, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Clan/Faction/WorldBorder

    Suggested name: DxDCraft

    What I want: Basically I need a plugin that set up three clans/races/whatever (Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels.) A player can join one of these clans and must complete quests(1) to either rank up levels for this clan to earn buffs and perks or to switch to a different clan. Claims will be able to be set by staff in which these clan members can edit land. When an opposing clan members sets foot in an opposing clan members' land, they receive a pvp debuff.(2) Safe zones will be able to be set when no pvp or block breaking is allowed. You can enter a command that enables a "purge" for the server.(3) This makes all land pvp allowed. Also, each race will recieve certain debuffs/buffs.(4)
    1: Levels would be something along the lines of killing a certain amount of players/ participate in a certain amount of wars, etc.
    2: Debuffs such as slowness, weakness, hunger.
    3: This war will be enabled via a command or set to take place in x amount of hours.
    4: Demons would recieve something like strength 1 (constant) and have slow regeneration of hearts. Demons would recieve speed 2 after attacking a fallen angel. Angels would have regen 2 and weakness 1(constant). They should recieve resistance 1 after killing a demon. Fallen angels should have constant speed 1 and will not be able to use bows. They receive two absorbtion hearts after the killing of any opposing race.

    Ideas for commands: /race demon, angel, fallen angel. This selects a race.
    /race random. This selects a race for the player randomly.
    /dxd. Displays all commands for the plugins.
    /race war (hours). This starts a race war and if a number is set, starts in x amount of hours.
    /race claim (demon, angel, fallen angel, safe) (x,y,z coords) (x,y,z coords)
    /level. This would display the player's level
    /level info. This would display how to achieve certain levels.
    /level up. This would level the player up if possible.
    /chat r. This would allow you to speak with your race only.
    /chat p. This would allow you to speak publicly.

    Ideas for permissions: Set it up so only admins can start wars and so players can only access /race random once.

    When I'd like it by: In the next month or so.
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