High CPU usage! Need help!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by luki965, May 23, 2012.

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    I have Dedicated Server:
    Intel Core i7 4x 2x(HyperThreading) 2,66GHz
    24GB RAM
    Internet: 100mb/s unlimited
    2TB HDD
    OS: Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS
    Java 7

    I have only 1 minecraft server on this machine, it have 65 slots and +/- 30 plugins.
    The problem is that: When there is about 14-20 players connected, CPU usage is 90-100%.
    WTF? Machine is good so?

    htop screen:

    plugins list:

    Please, help!
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    Your CPU looks perfectly fine. 100% on one core out of 8 isn't really bad. My server hits >150% sometimes, nothing wrong with it.
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    Well a cause for CPU/RAM usage is sometimes
    A) How many plugins you have, as it may bite a chunk off your CPU/RAM. and that some plugins use up more CPU/RAM than others.
    B) You probably didn't allocate alot of ram to your server.
    C) You're computer is loading alot of chunks in so little time (chunks that did not exist like flying at super speed.

    Im not sure completely, but these three are sometimes the main cause could be more that just these three.

    (side note youre links say 'I dont have the permission' possibly just me)
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    Kimsufi, that's yo' problem!
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    Why? Kimsufi isn't bad...

    I think you're wrong... When there is 100% usage, there are many lags, firstly small but with time, there are stronger and at the end, the server is down :/

    If Kimsufi is bad, which host will be better? I can pay only 250 PLN / monthly.
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