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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by 5000 People, Feb 26, 2012.

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    5000 People

    I've seen on some servers, moderators hdiing themselves on the player list, any plugin that can do this?
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    Vanish no packet? Im pretty sure it hides you on the player list.
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    5000 People

    then why do i see myself on it

    please i need help

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    When you use Vanish No Packet, you WILL see your name on the player list, but OTHER players will not. Hope this helps - zackandreweli
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    Atomic Fusion

    Perhaps the client always shows itself. Perhaps the sever only tells other clients that you disconnected, not yourself.
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    Vanish No Packet will remove you from the tab list, but you will always see yourself, regardless of your invisibility status.

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    is there any one of these so you can still see the player hes not invisible but not on the player list?? it would be good 4 herobrine jokes :rolleyes:
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    With Vanishnopacket.
    /v toggle see


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