Hi. Question's about an PvP Server [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by MrFlashPoint, Dec 14, 2016.

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  1. Hello.

    I am going work on an PvP server just for the fun. Bad thing is that i never played or did anything on PvP Servers. So i dont know much about what an PvP need to have as options. So do someone know additional idea's? or it one of the "Where i am..." also an good idea? I only worked on an Survival related server.

    Planned so far.
    - Spawn erea where Cow,Sheep,Pig,Chicken spawns. (Spawners)
    - Spawn shop where you can buy things as obsi.
    - McMMo
    - Factions.
    - Ranks based on kills. (Link)
    - Getting money for voting.
    - Give vote points where you can things of.
    - Set an bounty on an player.
    - Not an Pay2Win.

    (Not everything is cheked if it possible)

    Where i am not sure about over yet.
    - Speciale effects.
    - WorldBorder
    - Private Faction Chat
    - Money per minuut that you are online. (Not in AFK)
    - Option to claim Items every 24 hour's.
    - Player kit that you can claim every month.

    Please note:
    I am not yet planned to release the server. Also if he is in an fully working state. I want to do this for the fun to see how it is too create an PvP Server.

    Just some small things so far. (Not much schreen's)

    [​IMG][<Faction>] [Lvl<ranl level>] [<McMMo level>] <player>: <message>
    Most rank dont have something as [Owner]
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    So, what is the question?

    So you're going to work on a PvP server without knowing almost anything about PvP servers? You're really going to have a hard time with this. Go on PvP servers and at the very least look at how they set up the server.
  3. @Zombie_Striker

    I updated the first message with an more cleaner question. I said something elkse wrong to. I know the basic of an PvP server. Not everything. That's why i ask it here if somethings are smart todo. (Please also see "Please Note"(Updated))
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  5. @Wispyy

    Yes. I ask if it good to make it in this way. Also if someone know's some good things too.
  6. Project closed Due not enough free time.

    I am at this moment to busy with school and work.

    I see my main Project more important then this Project. Maybe i start again someday in the furture. And yes this thread can be closed. (I dont know how to close it.)
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