Hi, Im new as admin on my server

Discussion in 'General Help' started by Guilld123, Jul 29, 2018.

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    Hi, I make a server with 12 plugins : WorldEdit-Mcmmo-ObsBreaker-Vault-MassiveCore-WorldGuard-Jobs-ChestShop-AreaShop-(economyProblem)-Factions

    They were working fine until my economy crash ( electricity shootdown and my server close ) and I got some problem with that plugin

    I would like to change to essentials, but I dont want to install Perm plugin only to give 3 permissions to my users

    Im new with those perm plugin so when I install it, it block all the perm of all my plugin, I would just like to know how to give /balance /msg and /pay without having to make EACH perm for all the plugin I have

    Oh, and I have the permissions yml into the folder of my server if it can help ( maybe I could just create the 3 perms I need ) if yes could someone explain how to do it :) ?
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    Please give me your config and what perm plugin do you want to use cause you need one and I could make it for you.
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    I was thinking about PermissionEX, but it's taking way to much time -_-

    My config ? like minecraft 1.12.2 ?
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