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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by erdrickk, Apr 18, 2012.

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    "And I am here to review your server! I just need OP"

    Anyone else getting a rash of these losers lately? I tell them I am not interested and I wouldn't OP some noob in a million years then they log off 3 min later I get 100+ accounts attempting to log on to my server in order to crash it.

    Well they used to be able to crash my server until I installed these three plugins. If you have issues like this I suggest giving this a try. Since the install I have had a few attacks and they don't even cause the server to sneeze

    You will need these plugins:

    NoCheatPlus http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/nocheatplus/

    - This plugin has the ability to throttle logins. Look at the config.myl - I have it set so I only allow 3 logins per 5 seconds. This will stop the cases where you get 100+ bots logging on in 5 seconds and crashing your server

    F'inSpamBots http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/finspambots/

    - This plugin is amazing. When a user logs on to your server they have no ability to chat, use commands or anything. Only when you move about 10 blocks then all your abilities are enabled. This works along side any chat / command plugin

    Why does this work so well? because, spam bots never move. So when you get them logging on they cant execute commands, they can't chat etc...

    SpamGuard http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/spamguard/

    - if for some reason any bots make it past then this plugin is the final nail in the coffin. This will throttle and block all spam, caps and even has a swear filter.
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    Haha I get those all the time!

    I personally mess with them. I say I don't know how to OP people and ask them to walk me trough it. Them I say it says "unknown command" or that I don't have sufficient permissions.

    One time we made the guys name red and said he was OP.
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    Man I get these all the TIME!!!
    All I do is ask them to walkthrough...
    Then i jail them
    I say "Oops Wrong Command"
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    Deleted user

    What jail plugin?
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    I think it's better to use "NoPwnage" by Evenprime as it's made specifically to stop pwn4g3 attacks.
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    I am going to get F'inSpamBots :) I already have NoCheat. Thanks
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    When I get them (not a big deal, have plugins that stop their crap anyways, good thing for NoCheat*) I send them into orbit by tping them to y=1,000,000
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    */ignore <name>

    Best command to walk the MC earth.
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    The sad thing is, it has to be working for them or they would give up. Its like email scams, people still fall for it, so they keep doing it.

    We get a fair amount of those people, and we just mess with them. It's more fun to humiliate them, then just outright ban them on the spot :)
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