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    As most of you probably know, heroes is now only used by libigot and spigot. :( If anyone can help me with a replacement, it'd be awesome. I guess it could have classes you can select with a sign and you can build shrines and honor it with a certain race.

    Envirments will do special effects when walked in the custom selected area

    Class ideas:


    Description: configurable

    Ability: faster mining speed- efficiency enchant
    Evolution: Spelunker

    Environment: Quarry-regenerating mines

    Spell: Superheated mining-iron ore and gold ore etc. will automatically be smelted


    Ability: faster regen- infinite renerating 1

    Description: config

    Evolution: cleric

    Environment: healing 3

    Spell: healing-blinded with an item


    Ability: infinite strength 1

    Description: config

    Evolution: paladin

    Environment: strength 5

    Spell: can cast lightning
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    If you're interested, there is a plugin that a few people have started replacing Heroes with. It's in my signature and there is a video but basically, you could name your skills anything you want in the config and you have the full freedom of making any ability you want using other plugins with Custom Professions. Once you see the video, you'll see that a lot of things are possible. Let me know if you have any questions as I'm the documenter for it.


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