Heroes Not Working?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by DaClowns, Aug 24, 2012.

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    Hey everyone, not sure if it's My PC, or Heroes itself. Can anyone else access the heroes page? When I try to go to http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/heroes/ I get this:[​IMG]

    I know it says currently under moderation, but I've been seeing this for a while :/

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    We removed some of the downloads off of the curse site. As a result, curse has put all of our projects under 'moderation' because they feel that we should not off-link the projects. In the end the only people that are really put off by this are... Server owners.

    Inscrutable - wow man, I'm surprised your sig hasn't been moderated. Previously I had linked to spout just saying it was a great community and had my sig moderated twice without any message, then finally got messaged saying I couldn't 'advertise' and then hounded by EvilSeph because of 'causing trouble.'
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    Would love to help you, we've re-uploaded files but the project is still not being accepted.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    We are currently waiting for the Hero's team to fix up the project to comply with the same standard Bukkit requirements for projects, as seen here.

    Once they have that fixed up, you will find the files available for download. :)
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    Revised: Aug. 24th, 2012

    It is kind of silly to alter the submission guidelines from what Curse.com lists as submission guidelines then go back through and move specific projects into moderated status, then Act like the project wasn't following them in the first place. The wiki also doesn't really constitute any form of agreement with curse, as it's not clearly displayed for the ToS for submitting projects onto the site. In fact the only ToS that's remotely linked to is the one at the bottom of the curse site which is defined when you sign up for an account.


    Are we now supposed to be held to other terms which are not clearly defined on the plugin submission pages for curse, which have no relation to bukkit.org?

    Granted, you guys CAN do anything you want as far as moderating projects. But it feels a bit over-handed to moderate stuff without actually having the guidelines in place, or re-linking to updated terms. Nor does it really make any sense when these are not run by Curse itself, but are rather run by Bukkit. Curse, not Bukkit, defines the Terms of Service by which I post content onto their site, so there is a very big mixed-message here.
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    These issues havent affected us any since the majority of our users visit #Heroes on esper, they know full well where we are and what's going on.

    However, for few server admins who don't know how to find us during this painful process, they're missing out on awesome plugins.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    I linked you to the submission guidelines. The only recent changes were for Texture packs, which I'm sure you'll agree has no relation to your project.

    ToS is not submission guidelines. They're the terms of service. You are confusing the two.

    Now that your project is meeting guidelines those awesome plugins can be shared with the community.
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    The issue is harassment. Putting one of our projects back into the "queue" instead of just making it inactive - is insane.

    Apparently we had HeroBounty flagged as "Admin-tools | RPG | Fun" for the last 1 year... but now all of the sudden it is awaiting moderation because it "is misplaced" So instead of placing it in inactive, they remove it completely from public view.

    I guess we really did piss someone off at Curse :~(? I'm mostly done with it, we've seem to outgrown things 'round 'ere.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı Retired Staff

    You deleted all your project files and started directing people to 3rd party websites, so we marked the project as changes required and threw it back into the queue as you clearly weren't inactive. Not sure why it got thrown back in the queue for the category issue, probably a mistype. I am interested to hear more of this alleged Curse conspiracy, though. Sounds like a real thriller.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Curse doesn't touched our approval process. That is handled 100% entirely by the Bukkit team.

    The category issue did not caused your project to not be approved, or kicked back to the approval queue. We want to encourage better categorization, to aid with searching, but it won't stop an existing plugin getting approved. We may politely ask that the dev change the category, and for new projects the category should be chosen properly.

    However, if a project does get flagged for changes required, we will likely ask you to fix up the category while you are at it. This is the case with HeroBounty. When all the Heroes projects were asked to remove the 3rd party links, the category was asked to be fixed as well. If it is that big of a concern what category it is in, you know how to reach me. No conspiracy, just trying to make things better for everyone, and sometimes it can cause confusion.

    Curse is damn near 100% hands off (they do, of course, manage the hardware). They let us do what we feel is best, while providing oodles of free bandwidth and hosting. They don't, and never have, ran the show (as you imply).
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    And all this time it happened at the same time all of my posts/threads were locked and deleted without warning. The very same thing happened on Minecraft Forums - I was given several warnings for posts made 1-2 months ago because they were in violation of their rules.

    Strange how it all happens at once, isn't? Be careful on making a stink, the big wigs don't like it.

    I'm just not buying it, TnT you're a great guy, not everyone has the same values or views, though.
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    Just watching what's going on... Very interesting conversation we have here... But Sleaker and Kainzo you should read up on dictatorship if you read meaning 2 last sentence I think you may catch on what's going on here...
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Here's what happened, honest truth.

    Your plugins got flagged for needing changes. (Meanwhile, over the last couple weeks we've been talking to the BukkitDev staff about ensuring categories are more sanely chosen. Nothing new, per se, just trying to make sure projects fall into the proper categories. Since HeroBounty really isn't an admin tool, it got flagged by our staff as requiring an update. It may have admin functions, but in that sense almost every plugin could be an admin tool.) The changes that got flagged as needing to be changed actually got changed. Yet the category could use adjusting, so the project wasn't re-approved right away. The fact that it was part of the Heroes suite of plugins wasn't even considered until this was brought up. At which point mbaxter just pushed it through as is because we really don't have enough time in the day to battle questions about a conspiracy (much less partake in one) as well as handling approvals.
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    Oh thank god...
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