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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Kainzo, Feb 26, 2011.

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    Yes, something similar - we have yet to implement this but we're working on back end tracking.
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    Because I want to know the system u guys planning just by curiosity, but if its kind of "secret" then is nvm.
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    Honestly, we're a bit bogged down and probably need another dev to get on it with us. The system basically would track players hits and any other thing we can (good deeds / bad deeds) and based on their actions they would get a slider like system... if they do more good things they get pushed into a "good" status, which gives them benefits to certain things... more item drops/coin etc.... and if they do "bad things" they'll give negative status, drop more coins on death and other things.

    We want those things to be configurable - the issue is its complex and takes a lot of work.
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    This is an amazing opportunity for any Bukkit Developer out there, but unfortunately for me, I do not have a lot of Java experience, and I don't think you'd accept a fourteen year-old onto the team ^.^. BUT, I could possibly host and test if there are still slots open for that, and host for what purpose? I got a free RackSpace server (http://www.rackspace.com), but it only has 4GB RAM. It's a cloud server, but I know A LOT about hardware, administrating, most Linux distros, DDoS protection, C++, *Trolling, and getting shit done on time. Anyway, Here is my formal application if you will still accept it ^.^.
    1. Minecraft IGN / Age: snrclub224 / 14
    2. Timezone (please use GMT if you live outside of the United States): Central
    3. How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since ~Alpha 1.3_x
    4. What is your level of Java experience?: I'm more of a C++ person (very similar) but I have some experince in developing Bukkit plugins, I would say Beginner++.
    5. Do you currently host or help run a server (if so which)? Yes, CzarCraft SMP, PvP, and Creative (http://czarcraft.net/)
    6. Please list any previous plugin creations you may have developed.: Primarily private plugins, or requested plugins, but I made one for a Paintball Mod server to capture bases when you right click a specific sign with a specific item. I also made 'PrimeTnT' and 'CProtect', very basic :p.
    7. Additional info you would like to tell us?: I am skilled in the fields of Administration, Hardware, DDoS Protection (Before you get DDoSed, sorry :p), and I am very skilled with Linux distros and Windows 98-8 (and all servers in between). I have a server you could use for something (testing maybe?) and I'm also good at debugging. Yes, I am 14, but I don't have a high-pitched voice and I don't talk a lot.
    * Former client developer (I don't skid (copy code, etc.))
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    Anyone know a network engineer? ;)
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    you guys are the best keep it guys
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    Thanks for the kind words!
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    Kainzo, I am really enjoying this plugin :) do you know when there will be an update to 1.4.6?
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    1. gcman47 age: 13
    2. east coast
    3. 2-3 years
    4. I started java last year
    5. I do not run but I am a mod on many to many to name.
    6. None
    7. None
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    Which plugin?
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    Whats for Today

    Being more than completely obsessive compulsive about this... but the '"l" in lightweight isn't blue. :I

    I would love to be a part of HeroCraft Develpment, personally I have always favored these plugins over other RPG and Chat plugins.

    Only problem is I would feel way too inexperienced, and I would worry that anything that I may develop wouldn't be up to par.

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    1. Minecraft IGN: messageofdeath
    2. Position applying for: Coding Team
    3. Age: I am 14
    4. Timezone (please use GMT if you live outside of the United States): (GMT-6) US Central Time
    5. How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since 1.7.3
    6. How long have you been on Herocraft?: Sadly 0 hours.
    7. What is your level of Java experience?: 1 1/2 years
    8. Please list any previous plugin creations you may have developed.:
    - GameModeChanger(1st plugin made, I think is the best game mode changer to date) Link
    - PaidRanks(I am not original author) Link
    - XPStore(Unsupported) Link
    - ArmorCraft(Unsupported) Link
    - MultiCommand(Unsupported and 2nd plugin made) Link
    - AntiLog(I did not make it, I edited it for Cheesium) Not released
    - FortiFight(A game for Cheesium) Not released
    - UnlimtedEXP(You get unlimited EXP) Not released
    - UGCreeperNerf(Creepers and TNT do no damage, made for UndergroundGamers) Not released
    - UGTrader(A simple trader NPC, made for UndergroundGamers) Not released
    - UGVanishNoPacket(I did not make this, I edited it for UndergroundGamers) Not released
    - UGRank(A simple rank plugin using Vault, I made for UndergroundGamers) Not released
    - UGAutoRank(I did not make this, I edited it for UndergroundGamers) Not released
    - UGOpenInventory(Opens an inventory, I made for UndergroundGamers) Not released
    - UGColors(Puts colors by rank above the head) Not released
    - UGTagAPI(I did not make it, I edited it for UndergroundGamers) Not released
    - UGPermissions(A permission system, in the fashion of , I made for UndergroundGamers) Not released
    - And other UG plugins that I can't remember. I don't know the others because my computer harddrive was wiped.
    9. Additional info you would like to tell us?: I am 14 and I play the Euphonium in band. I go to High School. I like to watch FootBall, and BaseBall. I currently play baseball.
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    You guys are unbelievable! Some of these plugins are insane, I wish was somewhere near your level of coding... *goes back to coding team pvp arenas.....*
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    Just because the people are still applying for a dev spot

    Minecraft IGN / Age: Fireblast709 / 18
    Timezone (please use GMT if you live outside of the United States): GMT +1
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Started around the time the nether was introduced (so around 2 years 4 months)
    What is your level of Java experience?: Around 1 - 1 1/2 year. Before that Python, PHP, C++, a bit of C#, known with basics of openGL
    Do you currently host or help run a server (if so which)? No
    Please list any previous plugin creations you may have developed.: Currently working on HunterCraft and helping with kEssentials
    Additional info you would like to tell us?: Nice programmers philosophy. Mine should be kind of similar
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    If you are interested, hang around in #Heroes on esper.net - we do 90% of our communication on IRCs
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    We're still taking active developers for up and coming projects. http://hc.to/apply
    andrew2060 has been a great asset in creating more skills along with @Whatisyl :)
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    kainzo why i can't download heroes?you can help me please?
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    You can find it on the spout forums, as they no longer develop for CB. But, you've already posted there, so why you're posting here confuses me.
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    What evil said
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    Herochat is still being maintained :) no new features at this time.

    Our team is creating a Karma system for our RPG server, will be awesome! It uses the tagAPI to show murderers/good guys :)
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  21. I was thinking about a karma system my self and have the core standing atm. Nothing special yet, but it is fully tdd and therefore has over 90% code coverage (missing the auto generated code of ebean orm). I will see if I get you on irc to share some ideas. Hope I get you there as I'm at GMT+1 here.
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    Network Engineer to operate under what condition? I am familiar with iptables for Linux servers and I can use ufw (uncomplicated Fire-wall)
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    We more or less filled the position / solved the issue. We're working on a special project - (new game)
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    PattersNET is doing a great job so far :) - Gabizou has really stepped up and is helping out more too!

    Good job :)
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    We're looking for more developers to help create HeroBoss :D
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    1. steaks4uce (suprise!), 16 years old.
    2. UTC-6 (Nebraska <3)
    3. Since the latter alphas, quit playing it for fun a while back, looking for excuses to start again.
    4. Pretty familiar, I've worked with mods to the server, plugins, a couple different APIs (Forge, Bukkit, Spout, and Canary), aswell as massive modifications to the client.
    5. MeepCraft being the latest (left due to a disinterest in their projects, they were just reinventing the wheel several times over) also helped with several smaller ones.
    6. Herobrine being the biggest, it's fairly large. I love working on really creative and fun projects, which is why I've always stuck with Herobrine.
    7. Feel free to ask me anything :)
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    Interesting plugin there... I liked some of the abilities and I think that could tie into our HeroBoss plugin...
    /join #Heroes on esper.net and chit chat with Gabizou, Mung3r or myself.
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    I am up to this I can code something's and I hope you guys are looking for a responsible coder that can offer team spirit and many other things!

    Name: Matthew Cameron
    Age: 14
    Location: Calgary Alberta

    I have been playing minecraft for... About 3-4 or more years now I am hooked on the game, I find it is addicting it's so creative and so many things to add including plugins.

    Skill level: My java coding experience would be migrating into intermediate I am making various plugins I even have one on bukkit.

    Hosting server? Yes I own one with about 25 people on regularly it's hungergamesmc www.hungergamemc.net and I am admin on smoke 2ks server.

    Plugins: I have made donor login which if the server a full and you have a certain permission it will allow you to log in by finding someone without that node and kicking them, it gives them a configurable message of why they where kick.

    I love to make plugins I would love to be apart of your coding team I have heard so many good things about this team and I would be so happy to be a part of it. I am almost always online so I can help or be contacted whenever needed, I have great team spirit and love to work with others.mi think this would be a huge learning experience for me as a developer then this would lead to me helping to teach others, I would also like to say I really want to be a part of the projects.

    Please pm me or reply to me on this forum if I'm accepted.
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    Hop into our IRC and we can chat more, its #heroes on esper.net :) or hc.to/chat - for the lazy ;)
    We're there 90% of the time.
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    Um I'm not sure if I'm doing it wrong but no one is on so if there is something I need to know can you please pm me or say it on here, or tell me when someone will be on.
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